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Amazingly, Fortnite will be launched on PS5 which becomes one of the first games available on the next-gen console. Moreover, PS5 will be competing with the Xbox Series X release. In this case, we really have enough information about both consoles that hopefully make you have a decision to get this one.

PS5 completely will make the Fortnite have an excellent controller which will be easy to use by the player. A company which released PS5 is Sony in which it has officially revealed a PS5 controller. The controller is well-known as the DualSense that will have built-in motion controls.

In this case, the motion controls were called during the PS5 event live streaming alongside a brief clip of the DualSense. That’s why the PS5 controllers are being jiggled around. But, it was so enough to make the people so excited with its controller.

As we have known on PS4 in which DualSense controller stacks up pretty well and the Xbox Series X controller. Of course, it is a big departure and great at once.

In addition, the DualSense marks another giant leap in PlayStation controllers evolution. Then, we guess that you cannot wait to get it on your hands.

Especially for you who are pro-Fortnite players, you will be trying to play Fortnite on this new excellent console. Definitely, you do not know all about the controller and how to set it well. But, you are not alone because everyone will feel the same.

So, to get all the information about the PS5 Fortnite controller, please keep staying on this page.

Since it was released back in 2017, Epic games have kept Fortnite Battle Royale for free. Certainly, there are many factors which have led to its success due to the ease of access for all Fortnite users.

Of course, the different price will come at the cost of the console. For PS4, the price has dropped to around  £300 from most retailers. Then, at the release of PS5, the price will be around the £500 – £550 range. Definitely, it is not a small investment at all.

In fact, Fortnite is an inviting and addicting experience that will make you enjoy playing with your friends. In this case, it is so easy to understand which features of this console have ever been seen on PS4. In this case, the PS5 comes to improve the hardware and software to the current state of the game on PS4.

There is a rumour that PS5 will feature 120fps gameplay so that it can totally give PS5 players a massive advantage over the current-gen consoles.

The PS5 revealed the event yesterday on Thursday 11th June 2020. Of course, the event will show off in detail for PS5’s software, hardware, gameplay, controller and more.

Generally, PS5 controller includes controller news, leak, colours, design, specs, black, paddles, video, features, screen, price, released date and comparison between PS4 controller and PS5 controller.

Unfortunately, we cannot explain in detail about the PS5 controller for Fortnite. It is because the reveal event just shows about the controller in general. Then, we also wait to get the Fortnite controller on PS5 in detail. Of course, to know the controller for Fortnite in detail, we have to hold PS5 in our hand. Is it right?

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