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Are you looking for the Fortnite account with Recon Expert for sale? If yes, you might want to check one of the most popular marketplaces called Ebay. When you are there, you can just head to the Search bar and type “Recon Expert account” or just “Recon Expert” as the keyword.

There are a lot of results that you will be able to see related to Recon Expert. Here is the information of one of them.

  • Name: Rare Fortnite Account Raffle! Og Ghould and Skull Recon Expert Black Knight
  • Condition: Brand New (An item that has never been opened or removed from the sealing of manufacturer if applicable. It is original shrink wrap.
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Platform: PC, Sony Play Station 2, Sony Play Station 4, Android, Apple II, Apple IIGS,, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Mini, Sony Play Station 1, Sony Play Station 3
  • Publisher: Epic Games
  • Price: US $20.00 (Approximately C $27.64)
  • Payments: PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover
  • Return: No returns accepted

Please keep in mind that the shipping fee, the import charges, and the delivery period depend on where the product will be shipped to. You can change all of them to where you live and see the amount that you have to pay.

Aparently, the Fortnite account with Recon Expert for sale above is a raffle account. This is how raffle works. When you purchase this item you will get a ticket and you will get bit chance to win this world best account. You are buying a chance to win the account not the actual account. After you purchase a ticket Ebay will send your ticket to you with your random number. Than Ebay will choose Random Winner And Give him full own of account immediately. If they do not email you after the listing is removed that means you lost the raffle. Ebay will message and give account only to winner. Please enter at your own risk just because you buy a ticket does not mean you will win. Please read this Ebay raffle service rules because that is random raffle. Everyone has very big change to win this account for only 20$ and as Ebay raffle rules if you bought ticket you will be activated in this raffle immediately and you cannot cancel or remove it because that is Ebay service rule. After the raffle you cannot get refund! Read rules before you buy it.

Aside from this account, there are some Fortnite accounts with Recon Expert for sale that you are able to find in Ebay. Please visit the marketplace if you want to know more. Marketplaces are not the only ones that you can visit if you want to buy something like a Fortnite account with Recon Expert. You can also try to visit the community of Fortnite and see if there is any member of community that has a Fortnite account with Recon Expert for sale.

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