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The Arena mode of Fortnite is a great place to go for the higher level play. For those who are sick of running into unskilled or new players in the regular game modes, then Arena is the one for you. There are multiple strategies for grinding your way up to the Champions League in Arena mode and gaining access to events such as the World Cup Qualifiers. However, you also have to know how Arena mode works. The requirements are not as simple as regular old Fortnite.

Apparently, Arena mode is less prone to the changes that come with every update. This one remains more of a constant game and not every new item is always available. It helps to keep the meta-game more stable, even if it still is not enough for some pro players of Fortnite. However, this mode largely plays like a more organized version of regular Fortnite. There are several changes to way the things work, that you really have to understand if you want to win.

Arena mode is the first point of entry to competitive Fortnite. For those who want to play on the same level as the pros, you have to use some different requirements. For the better or worse these things are included in Arena mode in order to make it a more competitive game. This one is still open to some exploits, but largely it is better balanced. Those are the specific features of Arena mode that you have to master to progress.

There are ten divisions of Arena mode that divided in Open, Contender, and Champion League. The first one is Divisions One to Four – Open League, the second one is Divisions Four to Seven – Contender League, and the third one is Divisions Eight to Ten – Champion League. Every player is able to get Hype in all divisions based on the number of eliminations they get and their placement in every match. For Solos and Trios, the Hype you get for every of those are the same, but you pay Hype in high divisions to play every match.

All the players will increase the Division once they go past the Hype threshold of the Division that they are in. For Open League, every player has to get 500 Hype total in as many matches as they can. This is the amount of points players get for their performance in Arena Solos and Trios.


Bus Fare: 0

Reach Top 5: 30

Reach Top 25: 60

Victory Royale: 60

Reach Top 15: 30

Each Elimination: 20


Bus Fare: 0

Reach Top 2: 30

Reach Top 8: 60

Victory Royale: 60

Reach Top 4: 30

Each Elimination: 7

All the players carry the number of Hype points they have from a certain Division to another. All Divisions are determined by the total number of Hype players have in Arena as shown below:

  • Open I (0 to 499)
  • Open II (500 to 999)
  • Open III (1,000 to 1,499)
  • Open IV (1,500 to 1,999)
  • Contender I (2,000 to 2,999)
  • Contender II (3,000 to 4,499)
  • Contender III (4,500 to 6,499)
  • Champion I (6,500 to 9,999)
  • Champion II (10,000 to 13,999)
  • Champion III (14,000+)

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