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What skin do you really love on Fortnite?
Are you so excited to use the female skin for your favorite Fortnite character?
What make you so interested to use the kind of skin?

Of course, those answers can be a mood that will answer what the Fortnite players wants in Fortnite. Talking about skin, definitely we can say that this is very important thing in which its presence should be on Fortnite. As we have known that Fortnite comes with tons of skins choice that you can choose for your character.

Choosing female or male outfit for your Fortnite character is such an option based on your passion at all. Until now, most of Fortnite players are really anesthetized with the female outfit. Why?

However, the female outfit comes with a good-looking and catchy visual that absolutely will attract many Fortnite players either men or women player. On female Fortnite outfit, there is an uniqueness that can hypnotize almost all Fortnite players to choose the skin.

In this case, we are going to share one of awesome and inviting female skin which is probably good for your character. The skin is Riley which is involved as the Rare Fortnite outfit from the Street Spirits Set. This skin is released on November 26, 2019 and was last available 0 days ago. On the Fortnite game, the city is her playground.

Here are the information about this skin for detail:


  • Release Date: It was released on November 26, 2019.
  • Last Seen: It has been last seen on May 11, 2020.
  • Rarity: It is included as the rare skin on Fortnite.
  • Type: It is included as the Fortnite outfit.
  • Cost: It costs about 1,200 v-bucks.
  • Availability: It is available in Fortnite Item Shop.
  • Categories: It comes with female skin visual.


 Date Days Price

May 11, 2020

Today 1,200 v-bucks
April 10, 2020 31

1,200 v-bucks

March 9, 2020

63 1,200 v-bucks
February 6, 2020 95

1,200 v-bucks

January 1, 2020

131 1,200 v-bucks
November 27, 2019 166

1,200 v-bucks

To get this Riley Skin on Fortnite, absolutely, you have to purchase it in the Item Fortnite Shop for 1,200 v-bucks when it appears in its rotation. So, you do not have much time to buy this skin. If you are interested to buy it, of course, you have to buy it in a hurry.

The items included on this skin are Ghostly as the Fortnite Back Bling and the Wild X Wrap item. Certainly, the attachment will be obtained when you buy this outfit at all.

How to use the Riley Skin? The first way that you can do is to select the Riley Skin from your unlocked skins from Locked tab in the Main Menu. In this step, you definitely can see your selection even change their skin style to what you desire in the game.

As you have known about the Riley Fortnite skin, how to get and how to use, it is time for you to prepare your v-bucks to buy this skin when it appears.

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