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Rollerblade refers to an authentic brand of inline skates owned by Nordica, part of the Tecnica Group of Giavera del Montello, Treviso, Italy. In fact, inline-skates had been used for many years by ice speed skaters. At the beginning, Rollerblade, Inc. was well-known as the only manufacturer of in-line skates which had worldwide distribution.

Then, what is the relationship between Rollerblade and Fortnite?

As a big fan of Fortnite, you may already know of the hot news hit to this popular video game. Of course, you will keep following any news updates from Epic Games that will give something-new gorgeous changes to Fortnite, won’t you?

Today, Epic Games must accept the exposure to the issues related to trending TikTok dance of Ana Conto, as the original dance owner.

Why does it happen? Recently, Epic Games has officially announced the Derby Dynamo Pack which comes with any items within. Then, one of the cosmetic items that you can get from this pack is Freewheelin’ emote dance. Furthermore, the players who purchase this pack will automatically get the Freewheelin’ emote used while wearing this skin.

Freewheelin’ emote dance here was inspired by artistic roller skates, that’s Ana Coto. This emote totally presents a woman who moves on her roller skates with glasses-wearing. Of course, the woman figure on Freewheelin’ dance is definitely indicated to Ana Coto.

Unfortunately, there is a rumor that Epic Games did copy Ana Coto’s dance. Indeed, it has been confirmed by Coto that the big game developer, Epic Games does not credit her for its eerily similar dance mover or its midriff baring, roller-skating skin and glasses wearing. She also emphasized that it seems impossible if Epic Games would not be aware of her contribution.

Even though this new Freewheelin’ emote dance is unreleased yet, it is still debated because until now there is no confirmation from Epic Games related to the credit to Ana Coto.

About Roller-Skater’ Dance

The original dance known as Freewheelin’ emote in Fortnite went absolutely viral in April. It is not only ranking up 15.7 million views on TikTok, but also inspiring BuzzFeed, Digital Trends, adn NBC News to write profiles about Coto. Besides, there is also a company crediting her with driving up sales of roller skates and reviving the hobby.

As we have mentioned that the Freewheelin’ emote dance which will be upcoming to Fortnite comes from Ana Conto, a roller-skating dancer. Need to know that this is the first time Fortnite has added a roller-skating character period.

If you think that there is a Fortnite skin named Rollerblade, of course it is absolutely wrong. Indeed, the rollerblade in Fortnite is referring to a brand of inline skates which is worn by a roller-skating dancer, Ana Coto popularized the dance called Freewheelin’, as an upcoming Fortnite emote.

If you are curious how Ana Coto’s dance looks, you definitely can see her on some YouTube videos. One of the videos comes from Deniss Petrosian entitled *NEW* Fortnite Freewheelin’ emote in real life (Disco-era roller skating) that you watch at

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