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Skill-based matchmaking or SBMM was the name of one of the more controversial changes that Epic Games made to Fortnite. How does the thing work? You can find out the answer to your question here.

In the past, all skill levels used to play in the same lobbies. Now, the players are divided by their statistics. The new system called SBMM has done two things. The first one is it has devalued wins at the lower levels and the second one is it has caused the higher level play to unfold like a competitive match.

The players of Fortnite seem to be split on the topic of skill-based matchmaking or SBMM. A lot of lower-skilled players love the change, as they no longer need to face the players who have been playing the game since it came out. On the other hand, the players tend to get tired of facing skilled player after skilled player. In this case, the lower-skilled players seem to have an easier time getting wins than the higher-skilled players. Actually, the other Battle Royale games like Apex Legends and Warzone also use SBMM, but a lot of fans of Fortnite think that their game should be an exception.

Since it came out, a host of streamers have been complaining about the SBMM or skill-based matchmaking, including SypherPK. The man ranted about the topic during a stream in January and many times before and since. During a late-night stream on April 1, he became stressed with the Fortnite MMR system, once again. The player was pushed and eliminated by someone in the storm and watched the player box-up and act like he was playing for a high-stakes prize. Furthermore, he predicted that the game would end in a heal-off, and it nearly did. Aside from that, he claimed that without an aggressive player like himself, the high-level games always end in a heal-off. In addition, he kept watching and became even more frustrated with the certain player and the SBMM system. The streamer mocked the player for L2-spamming, which has already has been removed from Fortnite.

As there were a lot of complaints, Epic Games stood up. The first attempt of the developer at solving the issue was the addition of practice tournaments and eventually, a ranked mode known as Arena. The purpose was to siphon the better players out of the normal modes and into the Arena. They added big team modes like 50 vs 50 and Team Rumble. In fact, the thing was not enough for Epic Games. whether it was a dip in the player base, the loss of revenue, or the other factors, they decided to alter the whole matchmaking system.

Right now, SBMM has been completely removed in Squads after a few players complained of the implementation. However, the system is still there in Duos. Epic Games have not made any announcement of the update, which makes some gamers believe that it could be a glitch, although it seems unlikely. After its removal in Squads, many players think Squads definitely feels different, with many of them saying it is easier.

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