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In Patch v10.40 the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games announced matchmaking changes coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. All the changes will introduce fairer matches because you are more likely to be in a game against players of a similar skill level. As you get better, so do your enemies. The thing is known as skill based matchmaking or SBMM and its finally in Fortnite.

How new players will get advantages from SBMM? Fortnite is harder and competitive now than it has ever been. That is for some reasons. First, there are more players of Fortnite now. It means more chances for players to improve. Second, Fortnite is more than 2 years old so players have started to learn what works and further push the boundaries. As you probably know, when Fortnite Battle Royale was released for the first time, no one knew how to play the game. Aside from that, no one certainly knew how to build. People who could just build some walls or stairs were considered a God.

Nowadays, if you cannot crank super fast 90s while having amazing precise aim, you are going to struggle to do well in Fortnite. The main reason behind it is because it seems like almost every player that you face is at least very good.

What does the thing mean for the new players? The real and legitimate starter or beginner players to Fortnite are going to face a hard time. because no one provides the tutorial and everyone is already so far ahead of them. The only method for new players to improve at the game is to play. before skill-based matchmaking or SMBB was added you could get matched up against players of any level. For instance, you every first game of Fortnite could be against a pro player. You would no have a chance. The thing could be every demotivating to lose each single fight you got into. There is no sign of it getting better as the others are so much better than you.

In this case, the new players need to get some sort of indication that they are improving. They have to be able to get the occasional kill and to experience the thrill of making it to the end game with the possibility of getting a Victory Royale. SBMM is the only thing that can make it possible. By matching the new players against the other new players they will get the chance to learn and grow against one another. As the result, they will be more likely to continue playing.

SBMM also can benefit the intermediate players. One of the best methods to improve at anything is to expose yourself to more difficult things. Basically, when you play against more difficult opponents, you get better as a result. The issue is many players faced prior to SBMM is that lobbies were not challenging enough, hence you remain at the same skill level. In fact, not everyone wants to play against difficult players even when it benefits them.

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