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The Fortnite Battle Pass challenges of this week are a bit different. Two of them involve doing things over the course of one match named searching ammo boxes and getting to the center of the storm circles and there us only one true search challenge, which is finding a Battle Star between a bench, ice cream truck and helicopter in a specific part of the map.

There are no gnomes or duckies to find and no Treasure Map to follow. It is going to be your only non-combat hunt, in what is otherwise a decently tough array of challenges. The good news is that, as ever, you know exactly where that Battle Star is going to be for the easy completion of the challenge.

Both Benches and Ice Cream are quite common in Fortnite, so that is no real help, but what about helicopters? It does not common. The first instinct was to go to the buried ice cream truck near the military base at Dusty Divot that also contains a parked helicopter, but that would be wrong.

The correct answer is that your prize lies in none other that Moisty Mire. As the addition to there being both a bench and the ice cream truck nearby, there is also the helicopter which is in front of the green screen as the part of whatever disaster movie they are currently filming there, that is part of the new season 4 changes. The movie set is not quite as noticeable as the giant crater in the ground but it keeps expanding and perhaps you will learn more about the film as the weeks go on.

Using the place to navigate, you are going to want to go to the patch of dirty just below the S in Moisty Mire on the map. Actually, it should not be all that hard to find, as those things usually are not, bit you will clearly have to be on the lookout for the other players trying to reach the same spot. Depending on the pathing out the bus, you can probably fly immediately to it almost instantly if you wanted to.

A lot of players love the search between challenges more compared to the collect 7 things or dance in front of 7 things ones, though they are not quite as fun as the treasure maps. The community of Fortnite also solves those challenges instantaneously, so it is understandable if you wanted to puzzle it out on your own. But clearly you do not, the fact that you arrived in this page. As always, please keep in mind that you have to complete the match in order to get the credit for the challenges. You cannot just get there and duck out. Hope you have a good time on hunting. It will be one of the easier challenges this week, so make sure to try and knock it out right away and do not waste your time.

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