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It is Week 10 of the season which is able to only mean it is challenges time again, and the one you will have help with the most this week is discovering all of the Fortnite golden pipe wrenches. This one is clearly fitting for an entry in the Fortnite Midas’s Mission challenges, given that everything he touches turns to gold, even though quite why he would use the power on an option of tools is everyone’s guess.

Everyone is busy seeking them out to give you the lowdown donw here to find them in the game called Fortnite, so if you are all set to start gathering up Midas’ lost equipment then we will show you all the Fortnite golden pope wrench locations.

For those who are ready to get searching, there all five of the wrenches found around the edges of the map, so we are going to work clockwise. The first one is H2 (Steamy Stacks golden pipe wrench). The second one is H4 (Dirty Docks golden pipe wrench). The third one is D8 (Pipeman golden pipe wrench). The fourth one is B6 (Shanty Town golden pipe wrench). The last one is C1 (Lockie’s Lighthouse golden pipe wrench).

The first thing that you have to do is to go to Steamy Stacks in grid H2, but do not land straight away. Instead of make your way around to the eastern side, you need to past the nuclear reactor and land on the pipe that is sticking out of the south wall of building 5 in order to collect the first Fortnite golden pipe wrench.

The second one is called Dirty Docks in grid H4. This one is well hidden so you will have to concentrate. When you are floating above the docks, you need to look for a small metal building towards the middle of the west side, which resembles a little metal shack. Beside it is an underground section with pipes, and between then you will find your second Fortnite golden pipe wrench. All that you have to do is to drop down, and you are able to collect it from the lower area.

The third one is placed towards the most southern tip of the island in grid D8. You need to glide down to the bottom and you will see what looks like a walking man made of pipes, which is one of the landmarks of Fortnite called Pipeman. Then, float above him, land on his arm and you will find another Fortnite golden pipe wrench where his hand would be. Please be careful not to break your legs when you fall.

The fourth one is found in western marshes i grid B6. Before The Rig, you will see the small shanty town made of cabins, and in the center of the swampy buildings you will find a Fortnite golden pipe wrench at the feet of a weird metal statue.

The last one is on top of Lockie’s Lighthouse in grid C1. You need to simply float to the top straight out of the bus and land on the most northern side of the tip, right beside the light, where you will find the last Fortnite golden pipe wrench.

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