Search Fortnite Ammo Boxes at Landmarks

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Do you want to search Fortnite Ammo boxes at Landmarks? Here, in this article, you are going to find the information you need as here we are going to guide you to search and find Ammo Boxes at Landmarks. Even, in this article, we are going also to inform you other information related Fortnite Ammo boxes.

You have to know that searching ammo boxes at landmarks in Fortnite is part of the Fortnite Chapter 2, Week 3 challenge set Forged in Slurp. This mission in particular is able to be very confusing because there are tons of landmarks in Fortnite and it is able to be very tedious to try to find the ammo boxes themselves. In the text below, you are going to know where to Search Ammo Boxes at Landmarks in Fortnite.


A landmark is considered an notable area which allows the player to complete an action command (holding E) to “Discover” the area. There are some of landmarks around the entirety of the Fortnite map that can complete the mission. There are specific locations that are really good spots for finding ammo boxes to complete the mission easy and fast. The best locations include the 5 EGO Outposts because they have plenty of ammo boxes in easy to find places. If you are unfamiliar with the outposts, so you are able to watch the video for a quick walkthrough of where the ammo boxes can be found.


Not same with previous Fortnite challenges, this challenge does not need you to visit more than one area. Generally, Epic Games has you run around from a spot to spot for completing the Fortnite challenge. But, today, the player only need to know where one of the locations is. We get information that there are three options for where to search Ammo Boxes. The first location is the Workshop. The second location is Shiver Inn, and the last location is Ice Throne. Apparently, all locations are near, so you will not find a trouble when you want to visit there. You have to remember that the Workshop is able to be found by you west of Weeping Woods and south of Holly Hedges. Then, you are able to find the location of the Shiver Inn, by going to southeast of Lazy Lake, past the river. On the mountainside, there is an ice-themed hotel which is where you want to look. The last location is the Ice Throne. If you want to visit this location, you are able to go there easily. You have to remember that Ice Throne is the northern part of the map, just above Pleasant Park. At any one of these locations, then you are able to search two Ammo Boxes. After you find two Ammo Boxes, it means that the Fortnite challenge is done. When you complete the Day 16 challenge, so you are going to be rewarded with the Disco Dive Contrail.

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