Search the Letter O West of Pleasant Park on Fortnite

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Are you looking for the clue for finding the letter O in West of Pleasant Park? Are you interested to get this awesome challenge? If you are excited to follow this challenge, of course, you have to prepare the strategy and also the clue to find the letter O as easy as possible. Then, do you already know how to get it easily? Slow done, by keep staying on this page, you will get the clue soon!

Search the letter on West of Pleasant Park is a kind of attractive challenge by Fortnite for the first time. Definitely, it has been long time after the players were asked to spell out F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E with the letter over the map. Now, the challenge comes back with a shorter word, “N-O-M-S. But, the clue is totally different. You will be allowed to arrange the word at random. In this challenge, you are asked to find the letter O for the first before the other letters.

Lots of Fortnite players complained for this challenge in which they are just informed to find O in the west of Pleasant Park without any specific place at all. However, it can be your task to find the letter O in every corner in West of Pleasant Park. Although the Pleasant Park is so wide, but you can find it in house, old factory, old or new buildings, hills and every new locations in this space. As we know that the West of Pleasant Park is really far. For that reason, You must determine the target where it will be found.

You probably know that the West of Pleasant Park is a decrepit house which stands alone in the middle of forest. Ensure that you already find the way to go to there. However, this house is the only one of accurate place that can be an important clue in finding the letter O. Then, if you are there, you do not focus first to get the letter O, but exploring the house is really recommended for you. It can be a way to spy and get letter O easily.

Before you get into the house, make sure that you have explored the house in every corner. Get started by head to the abandoned house West of Pleasant Park. After that, try to look the behind of pile of trash outside. Surprised!!! The letter O is not inside the house, but you can find it in the corner of alcove, next to the dumpster. But, you have to be careful because there will any players who are going for the same challenge. Then, they want to try killing you by using any ways as well. If you success to get the letter O, of course, you can be called as a lucky person for this challenge. After you get the letter O, then, you are able to continue the other challenges to find the letter ā€˜Sā€™.

Well, it is time for you to try the challenge in looking for the letter ā€œOā€ in West of Pleasant Park on Fornite. Make sure that you follow the clue that we have explained above.

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