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You may still remember the appearance of the skins which you can get via the Battle Pass in Season 6. And you think that they are all very cool and awesome. However, you forget the name of each skin in the Season 6 so here we are going to mention them.

As you know that all of the skins in the Season 6 are amazing and even one of them is funny. So, what are the names of the skins in Season 6 via Battle Pass? Here they are.

Fable. This is an Epic skin from the Red Riding set and it is at the tier 47 from Season 6 Battle Pass. It has a red braided hair and wears a red hood, red skirt, a pair of high boots, a big belt and also a tattered white medieval shirt.

DJ Yonder. This skin is an Epic skin from the Twin Turntables set. It features a masked man in a green suit and shows some shiny decals that reflects light same as a disco ball. This skin also has a feature which makes this skin stands out which is iconic metallic mask. The mask looks like a robotic Llama head.

Calamity. This skin is a Legendary skin and it is from the Western Wilds set. The name of this skin is based off of the American frontierswoman known as Calamity Jane. This skin wears a white V-neck tank top and also mini shorts. When it is upgraded, the skin features a black vest, a black western hat and also a black bandana mask.

Dire. It is a Legendary skin from the Full Moon set.  This is the tier 100 skin in the Season 6 Battle Pass and has a brown hair. This skin features  a red sweatband and also red undershirt with a cool black and white jacket.

Giddy-up. This skin is an Epic skin and it is the tier 23 skin. This skin features a standard looking character who wearing a funny llama riding costume. The skin also complete with a fake pair of legs for the avatar so that it makes the skin looks really weird and wacky.

Dusk. This is an Epic skin from the Nite Coven set and it could be unlocked at Tier 71. This skin features a unique look with grey to pink hairstyle, blood red eyes, white hair with purple tips and pale pink skin.

Nightshade. This skin is from the Pizza Pit set and it is the tier 86 skin from the Season 6 Battle Pass. The look of this skin is like a mysterious hooded figure. This skin wears a tomato mascot head under the hood, black suit. Also, it features a pair of big googly eyes and a wide smile.

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