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If you a player of Fortnite, now you may think of selling your account. The reasons behind your plan can be various. You may be bored playing the game so that you want to hand over your account to others with some dollars. Or, you think that you have a lot of precious things in the inventory of your Fortnite accoount so that you are sure that you can get some money from selling it.

There are some websites which provide people to be able to sell Fortnite account. Reddit is one of places that can be made as a place for selling Fortnite account. What is Reddit? Have you ever heard about it? Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion site which is from America. Usually, gamers can share a lot of things in the forum of Reddit. For members which are registered, they are able to submit content to the site such as text posts, links, and images which then voted up or down by other members. Posts on Reddit are organized by subject into user-created board named ‘subreddits’ and it cover various topics such as movies, science, news, video games, book, music, and many more. Reddit ranks as the no. 5 most visited site in the U.S. as of July 2019. Also, Reddit ranks as No. 13 in the world as the most visited site according to Alexa Internet, with 55% of its user base from the US.

If you visit Reddit, you may find some people try to sell or search Fortnite account. Even though there are some people who try to sell their Fortnite account, but it does not mean that this action is right. Do you know that selling Fortnite account is illegal?

Well, before you decide to sell your Fortnite account, you need to know that selling Fortnite account is actually forbidden. If you access Fortnite End User License Agreement, you will see in the License Conditions that you may not do or try to do any following with respect to the Software or any of its parts:

  • use it commercially or for a promotional aim except as Epic expressly authorizes about it;
  • copy, distribute, display, reproduce, or use it in a way that is not expressly authorized in this agreement;
  • sell, license, rent, lease, distribute, or otherwise transfer it.

To see more agreements, you are able to check it in the Epic Games site. So, you are able to see that you cannot sell Fortnite account.

Even in Quora forum, there is a discussion about it and one of the participant states that in the Terms of Service of Epic Games it is stated very clearly that you may not only access Fortnite through your own account. Users do not own their accounts, and gifting or otherwise transferring of accounts or access keys is prohibited. So, from this, you can understand that selling Fortnite account is prohibited.

Even though there are some people who sell Fortnite accounts, it does not mean that you also can do it. It is a wrong thing and don’t try to follow it.

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