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In Fortnite, you will be able to find Siren head. By the way, what do you know about Siren head? If you come to this page for getting some information regarding Siren Head in Fortnite, let us discuss about that here.

You have to know that Siren Head is a hostile cryptid and urban legend made by the artist Trevor Henderson. Siren Head is a tall mysterious humanoid creature known for its odd appearance and the various sounds which emanate out of its head that consists of a metallic pole with sirens attached to it. Siren Head was made by Trevor Henderson in 2018s who is known for creating various bizarre creatures. His other creations include the Country Road Creature, Cartoon Cat, the Bridge Worms, the Smile Room, the Good Boy, the Man with the Upside-Down Face, the Lamb, the Fetid King, the Man in the Red Room, the Giants and Long Horse.


Almost all images of Siren Head are presented very similarly to each other. Featuring Siren Head as a tall, thin, dehydrated, desiccated, with mummified skin and dual sirens on its head. Aside from that, Siren Head’s sirens have the ability of releasing various sounds out of them, such as conversations, white noises, and extremely loud sounds that can affect ears.


Siren Head is a very aggressive, monstrous and skilled predator that makes him very dangerous. Siren Head seems to have several degree of intelligence because using the tactics such as camouflaging within the forests and mimicking sounds like the voices to hide.


  • Mimicry: Siren Head has the ability to release sounds of the news broadcasts, human conversations, screams and sirens. One report claims that Siren Head could kill a group of people by mimicking their friend’s voices. Another information said that Siren Head is able to use his broadcast to block out the cries of his victims. The latest performance shows a five-headed Siren Head using his loud sounds to kill lots of people.
  • Strength: It is believed that Siren Head is so powerful due to his size. Siren Head can break down the trees or various heavy objects.
  • Speed: We get information that Siren Head is able to be incredibly agile. There are some people who were driving home, until they saw the graveyard. They checking out the grave, where they saw Siren Head. Based on the story, Siren Head started running towards them at an extremely rapid pace.
  • Stealth: Siren Head is a stronger-moving relative of trees. That is the reason why Siren Head is able to blend inside of a forest or behind a tree. Siren Head is able to stay motionless for days at a time to blend in with his surroundings. Also, Trevor said that Siren Head creates no sound while moving.
  • Transformation: Siren Head appears to be a shape shifter. He is able to transform his head into actual sirens and street lamp-lights. Trevor mentioned on his Tumblr that Siren Head was able to disguise himself as a piece of home furnishing or the pipes in the walls to kidnap a family.

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