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Do you really love monochrome skin on Fortnite? The monochrome skin theme is definitely successful to attract many Fortnite players. However, the skin with monochrome theme will present with an exotic and elegant look. Surely on Fortnite, there are lots of skins with monochrome theme that you can choose every time. So, are you also interested to use this skin theme?

Yeah… black and white color always comes with elegant and magnificent look on every object. Likewise for Fortnite skin in which black and white skin theme always be an option for every player. Then, for you who are in monochrome passion, of course, choosing the black and white Fortnite skin is really recommended for you. So, what kinds of Noir Et Blanc (in France) skins in Fortnite?

To help you in choosing the black and white Fortnite skin, in this case, we are going to give some skins options either old skin or new skin. Here are some black and white skins on Fortnite:

  • Skull Trooper

The first black and white skin that you can choose is Skull Trooper. This skin is one of Epic outfit for the Fortnite game Battle Royale. This outfit was introduced as the part of Fortnitemares Update. Definitely, this skin is the male version of the outfit called Skull Ranger.  This skin presents with a black military suite costume with a white skeleton painted all over it.

  • The Fortnite Shadows Rising Pack

The second option of black and white skin can be obtained from Shadows Rising pack. This pack came with shadowing of three unique skin styles with a black and white theme. The three skins are Sunbird, Cloaked Shadow and Skully. All those skins theme were created on monochrome style.

  • Whistle Warrior

The next black and white Fortnite skin is the Whistle Warrior. This came with uncommon Fortnite outfit in which it presents with a black and white theme. This female avatar skin features with a black hat with white stripes, a black and white striped long-sleeves shirt and a pair of black pants.  It can be represented as a female version of Striped Soldier.

  • Marshmallow Skin

Who does not know with Marshmallow? Of course, everyone on Fortnite really know well with Marshmallow. It is because Marshmallow has become one of monochrome skin in Fortnite. Marshmallow skin came with black and white color outfit as dominant.

  • Blackheart Skin

This skin was designed with full black color with white color as ornament in the skin. Blackheart skin was available for players who want to roam the high seas and likes to say “Savy” and “Argh”. This came with a male avatar outfit with a eye patch and a hooded leather coat used. This skin will increase your full pirate skill potential while having battle on Fortnite.

  • Flapjackie New Skin

The new skin of Flapjackie came with black and white theme. This skin was designed with rabbit look in which the avatar wears a head cover with two rabbit’s ear. This skin is available in Item Shop at 1,500 v-bucks.

Well, those are the kinds of Skin Fortnite Noir et Blanc that you can choose for your avatar.

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