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Are you one of the Fortnite players who interests in Skin Tracker? If so, you are not the only one for this. Due to most Fortnite players really attract attention in this tracker. Moreover, this can help you in getting your dreamed of Fortnite skin in visualization first. One of dreamed skin is Oblivion. So, how does Oblivion skin look like in 3D skin tracker?

As Pro-Player of Fortnite, you may not be weird with the Oblivion Fortnite skin. However, this skin has succeed to attract most of Fortnite players. The appearance of this skin can be a wanted thing that every Fortnite player look for. Even more, you can look this Oblivion skin in 3D. Of course, the skin is more inviting and enchanting to look.

On Fortnite, oblivion skin can be a rare skin a legendary female skin outfits for Fortnite: Battle Royale. The Oblivion skin comes with a super-villain inspired metallic armor which is covered by jet-black paint. Moreover, this outfit is featured with a sinister-looking helmet with a V-shaped visor that presents in glowing orange. The futuristic of this skin is in the jet-black armor details and shoulder spikes.

This awesome-black skin is a part of the Oblivion Set. So, purchasing this skin, automatically, it will come with a bonus legendary back bling, that’s Destabilizer and Terminus. The two gorgeous items can be obtained easily when buying the skin first.

  • The Destabilizer

This comes with a weird-looking futuristic strapped on the player’s back. This powered with wing-shaped contraption completes this silver-painted metal with black outline and details. This Destabilizer is also designed similar with Stabilizer legendary back bling, but the features of minor and color patters are totally different.

  • Terminus

The second item that you will get when purchasing the Oblivion skin is a Terminus. This is involved as a epic glider skins for the game of Fortnite: Battle Royale. In this case, Glider will change the appearance of default glider. Unfortunately, this will not  change the performance, acceleration, speed and efficiency. It means that the Oblivion skin comes for aesthetic purposes only.

Those are the two crucial items that can be got when purchasing the Oblivion Skin.

How to get this Oblivion skin? Of course, it is so simple way to get this gorgeous skin. This Oblivion skin is now available in Item Shop for purchase during its rotation. Due to this skin is so rare, it is so better for you to purchase this skin soon.

How much does this Oblivion skin cost? About the cost of this skin, you can just spend for about 2,000 v-bucks. It is so cheap price, isn’t it?

Then, how does the Skin Tracker work for Oblivion skin? Definitely, you can really see the difference of this outfit on Skin-Tracker in 3D display. This Oblivion skin appears with mesmerizing with cool pattern look.

If you are so curious to know it for detail, of course, you can check it at this link: See! How gorgeous this Oblivion Fortnite skin is!

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