Skye Find Ghost Ollie in Weeping Woods

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Do you know how to find the Ghost Ollie or Shadow Ollie in Weeping woods?
Are you interested to complete this challenge?
What make this challenge so excited to complete?

Chapter 2, Season 2 in Fortnite: Battle Royale has become one of most Fortnite players favorite seasons. In this season, you definitely lock new skin-styles for the most of them. Certainly, the awesome skins on this season have to be unlocked. So, in order to get the awesome skins, of course, you should complete some challenges that provide in this season. What is it?

This week is definitely the second of the Skye’s Adventure that offer you to complete some challenges. You can choose one challenges from 18 challenges. Then, you are able to choose some of fun but hard challenges called find the Ghost Ollie.

In order to get the Skye’s Shadow skin, you have to find Shadow version of her hat, Ollie that you must hunt in Weeping Woods. Furthermore, the Ghost Ollie will be hovering in the air outside the lodge. That’s so simply to go up and interact with the hat. Then, you automatically will transform into the Shadow Skye.

As we have understood a lot that it is so possible to complete enough of the challenges set by our adventurous fourth Agent to reach the final mission of finding the Shadow and the Ghost Ollie in Fortnite.

Definitely, to reach the stage, you must have obtained to minimum of level 80 in this season’s Battle Pass. So, from the 18 challenges of the Fortnite Skye’s Adventure Challenges, you have to choose the challenges for the final mission. The challenges are to find Ghost Ollie a Frenzy Farms or to find the Shadow Ollie in Weeping Woods.

Because there are two options that you can choose, so, in this chance, we can just share one of them, that’s on how to find the Ghost Ollie in Weeping Woods.

Need to know that the Ollie is represented as a fantastic creature that always moves so fast. So, finding her in Weeping woods can be a hard way in this challenges.  To find the Ghost Ollie in Weeping Woods, the first thing that you have to recognize is to pay attention a lot to the map.

As you can see on the map above, based on your choice, you will need to go either to Weeping Woods for the finding Shadow or going to the Frenzy Farm for the Ghost. So, it can be a different and crashing way if you are looking for the way in finding the Ghost Ollie in Weeping Woods. It is because finding the Ghost Ollie can be found in Frenzy Farm.

Definitely, it can be a hard way to find the Shadow Ollie in Weeping Woods. To find the Shadow Ollie, you have to go up to the Shadow Ollie appeared with a hat. In this case, you will need to be close to Ollie so that it will appear and you can interact with Ollie. In this challenge, you will be wearing the Shadow Style.

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