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Knowing more about the skin on Fortnite is totally a must for you. Skin indeed becomes the main thing on Fortnite. Without the existence of skin, the game of Fortnite is not totally valuable. Surely all types of Fortnite skin must be learned for detail before purchasing it. So, in this chance, we are going to show one of marvelous skin on Fortnite that has become favorite among Fortnite player. What is the skin?

Skye is well-known an epic Fortnite skin that is much sought after by Fortnite players. The Skye skin comes in Fortnite: Battle Royale which can be got by reaching Level 80 in the Chapter 2 – Season 2 Battle Pass. In this case, the Skye skin was available during Season 12 and can be unlocked at Tier 80.

Certainly, to get this awesome skin, you have to pass some challenge and also mission. Not only that, you will have to find your greatest adventure in order to get the Skye skin. This skin is involved as Epic of rarity. It is categorized in Built-in, Styles and Enlightened.

As you can see in the picture above, the Skye skin is vibe outfit with excellent graphics design. Those make this female outfit on the Adventure Time Series look. So, that’s so normal if many Fortnite players who are interested on Adventure prefer to choose this skin. Besides, this skin presents an enchanting and inviting look that make it widely chosen.

In this case,  this skin is divided into two variant, they are Ghost and Shadow variant. For Ghost variant, it consists of brown and green camo colours colliding with nature. Meanwhile, for Shadow variant, it consists of a vibrant and dark purple color relating to something similar to Chic.

The Skye skin has a emote called Ollie Bounce in which it is equipped as a glider when skydiving. In this situation, Ollie exists from her head to keep when acrossing the Fortnite island. Ollie can be also called as pet in which it functions as a hat during regular gameplay.

The Skye skin has four edit styles including Default, Ghost, Shadow and Enlightened. This is also as the boss of the Shark. It is the name location of Fortnite: Battle Royale map which is introduced in Chapter 2: Season 2. The Shark is located in the northwest of the map, more preciously on the north of Sweaty Sands, that’s west of Lockie’s Lighthouse.

How to get this gorgeous Skye skin? Of course, it can be called as easy little bit difficult anymore. Maybe, for Pro-Fortnite player, getting this awesome skin is really easy to reach the level 80. Besides, for a newcomer of Fortnite player, it is so hard to reach level 80 and get the Skye skin. Furthermore, you can get this skin by spending 950 v-bucks. That’s so cheap price to get the awesome skin, isn’t it?

Well, which make this skin so adorable is in her unique face compared to the other copy-pasted offering from previous seasons. So, get it to make your avatar exotic and gorgeous look.

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