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What is the Fortnite skin which is always sought after by all players? If we talk about the Fortnite skin, of course there are tons of skins in Fortnite that you can have. But, you can buy one or more skins when they’re in diary rotation.

Nowadays, the players really want to have uncommon and anti-mainstream skin that can make their Fortnite character get a better look. By wearing uncommon unique skin, your character certainly will present something different at all. So, that’s why choosing any gorgeous skins in Fortnite is really a must for you.

Well, do you want to have uncommon Fortnite skin for your character?

In fact, getting any uncommon skin in Fortnite is not a hard way at all. As a veteran Fortnite player, you may already understand the rarity of Fortnite skin. At least, there are five rarity of skins that you need to know, they are Default, Rare, Uncommon, Epic and Legendary.

Certainly, by knowing the skins which are included into each rarity, you can get it. Because you come to this page to get uncommon Fortnite skin, so, we surely will focus on giving you Uncommon rarity Fortnite skin.

Why are you interested to have an Uncommon Fortnite skin?

However, uncommon skin will deliver something unique and different from other common skins at all. So, it totally leads the players to prefer Uncommon skin than others. Do you know one of the popular Uncommon skin in Fortnite?

In this chance, we will suggest you to buy an Uncommon skin that will make you fall in love with it. What is the skin?

The Uncommon skin here is SlingShot which comes with a female look. The Slingshot skin definitely has ever hit the Item Shop for 11 months ago. This skin definitely drives the community or Fortnite fans not able to wait for its rotation in Item Shop. However, the Slingshot skin sways toward the simplistic side.

The Facts of Slingshot Skin

Here’s everything that you need to know for this Slingshot skin:

  • The Slingshot skin was released on October 2, 2019.
  • This skin was last seen on August 13, 2020
  • This is categorized as a rare Fortnite skin.
  • The Slingshot is a type of Fortnite outfit.
  • This skin comes with a female look with an amazing cool visual.
  • This skin is now available on Fortnite Item Shop.

The Slingshot skin is Uncommon Fortnite skin as the part of the Racer Royale Set. This skin was originally released in October 2019. Although this skin will not be the most popular skin ever released in the game, but the skin might get some to spend on V-Bucks.

In this case, the Slingshot skin costs at 800 V-Bucks. So, to get this skin, you just need to prepare your V-Bucks if someday this Slingshot will be back to Fortnite Item Shop.

Why do so many people prefer Slingshot skin? Of course, with a wide range of rarity and the quality of the skin, some Fortnite fans probably will prefer simplistic skins to more complex ones. So, it was a strong reason why many players made a purchase for this Slingshot skin 11 months ago.

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