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In Fortnite, you may want to display your username or profile name with emoji. However, it is everyone’s desire in which by displaying an emoji name in-game, it will make your game account more gorgeous and enchanting to look at. Well, what is the kind of emoji which is really attractive to use?

Of course, you will display your Fortnite username which indicates you’re happy at all, won’t you? Indeed, there are many players who use smiley emoji faces to display their Fortnite username. However, some of them want to look happy by displaying a smiley emoji face on their Fortnite username.

Then, what is the kind of emoji that can represent a smiley face?

In fact, there are tons of emojis that you can find from many languages. The emojis shown in each language are usually different. If you want to use an emoji in a certain language, of course, you have to know how to type the emoji.

As we know that Chinese emoji and Japanese emoji to indicate the same feeling are absolutely typed in different symbols. So, if you want to use emoji for your Fortnite username, make sure that you determine at least one language to use the emoji.

Well, one of the attractive emojis which are so popular and much sought after in the world is Chinese emoji. In fact, the Chinese emoji is the nation’s two biggest which are used in social media platforms: Weibo with 313 million users and WeChat with 700 million users. That’s so fantastic, isn’t it?

So, it is no wonder if Chinese emoji are mostly used in every subject, especially in-game. Then, one of the most used Chinese emoji is a smiley face. Indeed, this smiley face indicates something grateful that happened to someone.

The Chinese Smiley Face emoji is presented with this: :).

Then, you can also get this smiley face emoji by typing the letter : and ) on your keyboard. Finally, the letter : and ) will transform to be 🙂.

Are you curious to know the meaning of this Chinese smiley face emoji. Here are the full meanings of Chinese smiley face:

The Meaning of Chinese Smiley Face

Surface Meaning: It refers to the happiness

Deep Meaning: It represents a mocking, despising, and even obnoxious attitude.

Background of Smiley Face:

According to An Yong, a user on Zhihu, China on Quora, The upper muscle movement that you can see on emoji can describe why the face is really considered less friendly and more hostile. Then, if you take closer at the eyes, the muscle near the upper eye corner does not move and it tightens. However, it symbolizes as a sign of suppressing a smile.

When Using This Chinese Smiley Face:

Generally, most people often use this emoji to express happiness, but it is not suitable for it. Based on Chinese emoji, you do not use this smiley face emoji to say you are happy for something. You probably can use other emoji instead, since the muscle movements seem to be smiling genuinely. You can use these emoji instead: 😁😄😀.

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