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Play in the Switch Cup Japan and earn the highest points to get best rewards!

What was the biggest event that will hold in last year? Yeah…Switch Cup Japan has been coming for last years ago. Do you already follow this hottest event? Surely following this event is not totally wrong for you. Then, when is exactly the Solo Switch Cup Japan schedule in this year?

Some time ago, Epic has announced for an exclusive Fortnite event “Switch Japan Cup”. The Fortnite Japan Cup can be called as an exclusive event especially for Switch players. The event will be changing the matchmaking region to Asia will unlock the cup in a limited 20 games, earning for about 20 points and getting the free unreleased skin of Dark Tricera option.

Last year, Fortnite Switch Cup Japan has been taken place at 14.00 – 17.00 on November 2nd and 3rd, 2019. In this Japan Cup, the players were allowed to hit a certain amount of points. So, they would be able to unlock the various rewards. For example, if the players earned for 20 points or more, automatically the new costume Dark Triceraops is granted for them as the prize.

In this case, you can get a chance to win a prize with as few as 3 points. You have to note if you really want to follow this event in this year. However, the Fortnite Switch Cup Japan is full of exact rules and also eligibility details. To know the rules for this event, you can visit this link at Need to know that points earned in the Saturday session will be reset for the Sunday Session.

Then, to learn more about the Fortnite Switch Cup Japan, you should see the result of this event in last year.  Here are the results:


Victory Royale +3
Reach Top 5 +2
Reach Top 15 +2
Reach Top 25 +3


1 Eliminations +1
2 Eliminations +1
3 Eliminations +1
4 Eliminations +1
5 Eliminations +1
6 Eliminations +1
7 Eliminations +1
8 Eliminations +1
99 Eliminations +1

Match Cup At 20                        Unlock Pin At 1                           Max Points Per Match 109

Here are the results of session 2 leaderboard for Asia:

Session 2 Leaderboard For Asia

Rank Player Points Matches Wins Avg. Elims Elims
#1 れもんもんもんもんもん 99

(Top 0,001%)

12 2 4.17 50

(Top 0,001%)

10 3 3.30 33
#3 LQ. Yutera 91

(Top 0,002%)

12 3 2.83 34
4 Myryyx2 91

Top 0,003%)

10 1 5.20 52
5 Unknown 90

(Top 0,004%)

10 1 3.90 39
6 Yatsu0082 89

(Top 0,004%)

17 1 3.29 56

Then, talking about when the Solo Switch Cup Japan will be held, definitely, we have reference that you can get from last year. As we have known that the Switch Cup Japan held on November 2 and 3, 2019. So, we can guess that in this year, the Solo Switch Cup Japan schedule probably will be held in the same time. Well, be await, dude!

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