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Getting a good and unique name to use in a Fortnite profile is such everyone’s dream. Indeed, by having the attractive and catchy name, it will make your Fortnite profile get a higher prestige at all. However, to get the best name put in your Fortnite name can be mentioned as an easy bit of a difficult way. Why?

Of course, if you want to have a unique and catchy name, you do not use just any common letters that we usually use for Fortnite names at all. But, it is more to use any symbol and also punctuation at once. Certainly, it is your choice to use any symbols and punctuations if you really desire to have a unique Fortnite name.

In fact, there are many gamers that always use pseudonyms or a pun name to display in their game name. However, this kind of name is really good to put in the game. On the other hand, if we see the game name with a formal name, we surely get bored. It means that the formal name is not totally suitable to put in-game name.

So, that’s why most gamers prefer to use informal or pseudonym names in Fortnite. Indeed, the pun name will present something unique for your game profile. Once, it will not be boring to look at.

Then, to put a pun name for Fortnite profile, you probably will use any symbols and punctuations, won’t you? However, the pun name or pseudonym will be more attractive if you put some symbols and punctuation.

Do you know the most popular punctuation which is usually sought after by many Fortnite players?

Need to know that the most attractive punctuation that you can use in your Fortnite name is exclamation point. Why? The exclamation point or exclamation mark definitely indicates strong feelings or high volume (shouting). Besides, it also shows emphasis that is often used to give warning to people.

So, it can be a main reason why almost all gamers really want to use exclamation points in their Fortnite name. Moreover, they want to present a strong name which can also be related to the characteristics of them in real life.

Unfortunately, Epic Games do not allow the players to use an exclamation point in Fortnite’s name. In this case, the developer of Fortnite wants to present a formal name that can be used by all Fortnite players.

But, you do not have to worry if you really desire to use an exclamation point in your Fortnite name. Evidently, there is a smartest way that you can do to put an exclamation point.

Well, if you type your Fortnite name completed by exclamation point directly, we guarantee that you will fail at all. Then, to put an exclamation point in your Fortnite name, you do not type it. But, you can copy and paste your new Fortnite name with an exclamation point on.

By doing this, you can totally use an exclamation point in your Fortnite name.

Here are the samples of special exclamation marks which have been used by anyone in their Fortnite name:

  • “FBI OPEN UP!”
  • “toes!”
  • “art!”
  • “Howdy!”
  • “ppǃ”
  • “Asᴛʀᴏɴᴏᴍɪᴄᴀʟǃ”
  • Eazyys!
  • “layupsǃ”
  • “hamǃ”
  • ‘pizzaǃ
  • ‘”Haikuǃ”
  • Xine!

If you want to get a tutorial in detail, you can watch some videos as follow:

A video from shocz entitled How To Get An Exclamation Mark in Your Fortnite Name that you can access at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92-t0AE2DZg

A video from Trevify entitled How to get A ” ! ” In YOUR Epic Name in Fortnite Chapter 2 (NEW METHOD!) that you can access at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT7tgFqGt-A.

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