Storm Shield One V Buck Missions

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Do you already know the game of Storm Shield on Fortnite? What do you know about the game? Or is the game as your favorite on Fortnite? If you have known about the game, of course, it is so pride for you. But, for you who are a newcomer of Fortnite, absolutely you have to look for the information which talks about the game as well. It is because the game offers you to get free v-bucks in mission. Then, how does the game work?

Before we go on how to play the Storm Shield mission, definitely, you must master the topic about Storm Shield one at all. However, learning and knowing all about the Storm Shield is a must for you. It will lead you to master the game before you determine to play this game. Indeed, you have nothing to lose if you learn basically about the Storm Shield even you are ambitious to be a competitive player on Fortnite.

Based on Fortnite Wiki, Storm Shield or called Homebase is a kind of map in which the players can build their own permanent base. But, Storm Shield is well-known as the kind of Fortnite game among the player. It is because there is limited time to play the Storm Shield One. To help the player in building the base, definitely they are allowed to enter the Storm Shield to create or purchase the items at any time.

Besides, on Storm Shield, the building progress will be saved even if the players leave the mission without any defense exist. It is because the Fortnite players have a separate Storm Shield in each map location.

Need to know that Storm Shield Defense can be called as the one of main quest series in which the players have to complete to get the goal through the game. Then, in each map location, there are six Storm Shield Defense mission which must be completed in limited time. Indeed, completing the Storm Shield Defense missions will increase the range of mission power levels for players.

Because of the Storm Shield is one of the kind missions on Fortnite, of course, by completing the quest, you will get v-bucks for free. The challenges and quests will present the rewards. So, that’s no wrong for you if you want to check out the rewards under the QUESTs tab in a game.

The good news when you are playing this mission is to provide the Storm Shield Storage. This space can be used to save the rewards automatically if the main inventory storage is full to store the rewards that you get after mission. As we know that the reward is in the form of v-bucks. It means that you really get v-bucks if you successfully carry out the mission.

Unfortunately, we do not get the information about how much v-bucks that you will get after completing the Storm Shield One mission. But, there is a clue that we get from Stonewood mission in which you will get the rewards amount from 15-30 to 25-40 v-bucks after mission.

Well, if you want to know the real v-bucks after completing the Storm Shield One mission, it is so better for you to try the mission right now.

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