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What is a new place added to Fortnite Season 4? Fortnite Season 4 patch 14.20 has added a new landmark to the game. As we know that in Fortnite Season 4, there are many new places, cosmetics and other items added to the game.  Then, what is a new place and where to find it?

What is Superstore?

Fortnite Season 4 patch 14.20 has added a new landmark appeared not far from Holly Hedges. The new landmark here is well-known as Superstore that you can find in Fortnite Battle Royale. Superstore is a vast empty warehouse that could fill up very soon.

Superstore is finally added to the game during the deployment of Fortnite patch 14.20. Indeed, topographic changes on Apollo island are rather minimal. But, only one building has definitely been added to the game.

Where to Find Superstore?

Named as such in the game files, Superstore is located west of Holly Hedges as the gas station level.

How Does Superstore Look Like?

Superstore is the structure of the building which looks like a standard supermarket. But, there is no sign to indicate the people’s transaction or what can be purchased in this store.

You will find many deserted shelves following one another that can sign the store had not yet received its merchandise or goods for sale. Then, you also will see the freight elevators abandoned and the wall seems not to be painted yet.

Many Fortnite players expected that the Superstore would be a very good chance to be an attractive and inviting place during the subsequent festivities. Then, some of them believe that this place will be used to become the department store for Halloween festivities. Meanwhile, not a few players also guess that Superstore is related to Fortnite’s third anniversary. When the time comes, this place totally will be a giant toy store or a present factory.

Of course, those are just theories. If you have a goal to make this place your new spawn, you surely have to know that this one is rather bald. Then, a few chests may be hidden behind wooden pallets, but nothing very nice otherwise. Furthermore, it will be a little extra for you who like to land at Holly Hedges.

What Can You Do at Superstore?

When you are at Superstore, you will see that this store currently is under construction, but there is still loot inside. Well, the goal that you can do at the store is to get the chests. To get it, you definitely can explore the locatio. You can start to explore the first floor. If you do not see the loot chests, you can continue to go to the second floor.

As you can see, this location has an unfinished building vibe. At the store, you can also find these back rooms as well. Then, you can go up here and currently in a real game.However, this place is packed by the players who check out the new location.

If you want to see how Superstore looks like, you definitely can watch a video from Bodil40 entitled *NEW* Fortnite SUPERSTORE Gameplay, Secrets & Location (New Super Hero Store & Halloween Teaser) that you can access at

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