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You may come to this page to look for the news about Fortnite. Many Fortnite players are so curious for the news related to the Tet Offensive Plans on Fortnite. But, there is no a source that give the information about it. So, the truth of the news is still a debate.

In this case, we have found many sites which explain to the Tet Offensive Plans Fortnite. Unfortunately, the topic is not related to the Fortnite plans. We are going to straighten the topic up in which there is no Fortnite topic about Tet Offensive Plans. The Tet Offensive Plans probably refers to Fortnite Ted Offensive plans and challenges. We guess that many users are wrong in typing the keyword to search its topic.

Ted Offensive Plans on Fortnite is such a challenge which should be completed by Fortnite players. This challenge can be called as a secret mission which was added to Fortnite in the 12.30 patch. This challenge will task you by hunting down the locations of the honey jars for teddy bear cosplaying as a Big Boss, it is completed with an eyepatch.

Due to this challenge is secret and not listed anywhere, so, you can only be triggered by jumping into the game, then, going to the specific location. After you have done, you have to know the location where to find all 5 Honey Jars that be on the map to complete.

How to Start Ted Offensive Plans and Challenge on Fortnite?

Here are some ways that you have to follow starting the Ted Offensive Plans and Challenge:

  • Step 1: Start the challenge by going to the Weeping Woods.
  • Step 2: In this location, you will be looking for the cabin on the west outskirts of Weeping Woods, it just across the river.
  • Step 3: Go to the bokcase and interact with it in the living room of the cabin. (This is similar to the one of Deadpool challenges if you follow those)
  • Step 4: You can see on the map that the red dot on the map is where the cabin located. Then, the purple dots are for the honey jars location.

Well, to make you easier in finding the Honey Jars location, here, we are going to share its locations.

  • Honey Jar 1: It is located in the northwest portion of D2 on the map, northwestof Pleasant Park. Then, you can find the Honey Jar 1 nestled against a tree a hundree yards or so from yellow house.
  • Honey Jar 2: It is located at the northern edge of F3 and at the north end of Frenzy Farm. Please, look for a red tractor.
  • Honey Jar 3: It is located at the northeast edge of F5 under the large trees north of the river.
  • Honey Jar 4: It is located at the western edge of E5, south of the Agency. The honey jar is again resting against it.
  • Honey Jar 5: It is located at the southwestern edge of C4, just northeast of Holly Hedges. Please look for the small lake, then you will find it resting against the large tree nearby.

Well, we apologize if you look for the topic Tet Offensive Plans Fortnite, you will not find it. But, it is related to the Ted Offensive Plans Fortnite as a secret challenges.

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