The Grefg Fortnite Skin Overview

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Congratulations, for your new skin added to the game, Grefg! We think it’s such an achievement which finally he has a chance to get his own skin in Fortnite. However, not all Fortnite streamers really get an opportunity for the release of his own skin on fortnite.

Indeed, the skin coming from Fortnite creators, streamers, top-players and influencers is actually labeled as Icon Series. After the release of the Ninja skin, Loserfruit skin, Travis Scoot skin and also PWR Lachlan’s skin, today Fortnite is bringing the Grefg skin to Fortnite.

As a veteran Fortnite player who frequently watches some Fortnite’s streamer, we guess that you really recognize him and how influential he is in Fortnite. In giving such an appreciation to him, Epic Games finally released his skin to the game and will be ready to be your skin collection.

You may wonder how the Grefg skin looks and how to get it. Thankfully, this post will inform you about the Grefg skin a lot. So don’t go anywhere!

The Grefg Fortnite Skin Overview

The Grefg Skin’s Overview

Fortnite data-miner, iFireMonkey has leaked for the release of the Grefg skin to the game. They totally inform the Grefg skin to the Fortnite fans. A tweet posted on January 12, 2021 at 5:10 A.M has recapped for a list of new Fortnite cosmetics which will be added to the game.

Well, a new Fortnite cosmetic here is the Grefg skin series which includes the skin and back bling categorized in Reactive, the back bling comes in the three balls form, the emote which can be danced with a controller, the price of the Grefg skin, release date and also tournament.

Of course, from the leaks, the Fortnite fans will notice a lot for the release of the Grefg skin to the game. As a throwback, Fortnite fans absolutely have waited for the Grefg skin to be available in the Fortnite. Unfortunately, for some reasons, the Grefg skin was not  released yet for a longer time to the game.

Surprisingly! The reaction of Grefg when he saw his own skin finally added to the game, he vented his frustration with being made fun of online. Of course, he really knows for his fans’ jokes which had a large scoop of truth to his fans. Therefore, his fans jokes and memes are so great to finally see Gregf get his own-promised skin on the game.

Why Did Epic Games Release the Grefg Skin to Fortnite?

That’s no secret anymore if Epic Games kindly releases the Fortnite streamers skin to the game. As we’ve explained above, for anyone who is as the influencer of Fortnite, in other words, is willing to make a large contribution to Fortnite, Epic Games will not waste it a lot. To give them a big appreciation, their own skins which are released to Fortnite can be proof how wise Epic Games, as a Fortnite developer is.

So as with Grefg, having more than 1 million fans on Twitch and reaching an astronomically high new record for concurrent viewers which attract over 2,400,000 sets of eyeballs, of course there is no doubt for Epic Games to release his skin.

However, this is all his debut after his new skin release to Fortnite as part of the Epic’s Icon Series along with other streamers’ skin, they are Ninja, loserfruit and  PWR Lachan, as well as Travis Scoot who has given a big contribution to the Fortnite for his event named Astronomical which took place on April 23 – 25, 2020.

How to Get the Grefg Skin in Fortnite?

Today, a lot of Fortnite fans really recognize the release of the Grefg skin to the game. As leaked from iFireMonkey’s tweet, the Grefg skin will be released on January 16, 2020 at 7 P.M Eastern Time. Of course, many fans of Grefg cannot really wait for his skin.

To get the Grefg skin in Fortnite, Epic Games is holding a tournament to celebrate the event. Just like the previous tournament in order to get the Icon Series skin, the Grefg’s tournament also allows the winner to get the skin a few days before other players.

Furthermore, the game mode in this tournament is some sort of variation of the Floor Is Lava LTM. That’s totally offering the challenge for the players to both eliminate others while outrunning an instant death field. iFiremonkey has revealed that the Grefg tournament will take place from January 14 – 15, 2020. But, we must wait for Epic Games to announce an exact time later this week.

If you are also a Grefg fan, you should notice for the release time in order to grab the skin as soon as possible. Indeed, the Grefg’s skin will hit the Fortnite item shop soon. Just like the previous Icon Series skins, the Grefg skin will be available in the item shop for a limited time.

So, if you really want to have the Grefg skin and add it as your skin collection, please don’t miss out on it and keep looking for the updated-news which inform for the release of the Grefg skin.

How Much Does the Grefg Skin Cost?

The Grefg skin already gives the fans to be amazed with its look. For first look, his skin is really amazing during  his record-breaking stream. Of course, some data miners actually have uncovered all the various Fortnite cosmetics that will be included in the bundle.

For more information, the Grefg skin bundle contains a pickaxe which looks like a giant game controller on a stick. Then, the Grefg’s back bling are the three balls that his is showing off lik Dragon Balls. Hypex, as the Grefg’s emote which will be included in the bundle.

Well. the gorgeous thing of all is the Grefg’s skin which comes in Reactive, charging with electricity after he shows his bright red and pulsing with energy. According to iFireMonkey, the range price of the Grefg skin is starting from 2,000 – 3,000 V-Bucks. However, there’s not yet announcement of Epic Games related to the price of the Grefg skin. All we have to do is just wait for it.

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