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Apparently, Fortnite has rolled out a new series of Trick Shot challenges that naturally have nothing to do with creating trick shots in any capacity. Rather, they are a bunch of random challenges that include consuming three foraged apples at The Orchard. Now, you may come to this page to get the information about the location of the Orchard. Let us talking about that here.

The Orchard is a Landmark that you are able to find in Fortnite. The location is useful to know as part of completing Fortnite Week 7’s Trick Shot challenge, consume Foraged apples at The Orchard. You have to note that completing this challenge is going to help you progress your Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass.


Now, we inform you that the Orchard is a Landmark found between F2 and F3, in the north-east of the map. It is essentially in the lush, rolling green hills north of the Frenzy Farm named location.

Some people said that the Orchard is not a named location on the map, but rather one of the landmarks that you are going to find randomly yourself stumbling into as you play. Actually, it is one of the most visible landmarks on the map which is not named. So, we think that it is not too terribly difficult to locate. You need to sail in north of Frenzy Farm and south west of Steamy Stacks.

When you get there, there are two groves of apple trees. You will be able to take your pick to start munching down on apples. There must be plenty on the ground, but since this is an instantly unlocked Fortnite challenge as of today, probably there are going to be a lot of other people around gobbling up apples too, so it may turn into a game of Hungry Hippo down there pretty fast.

Anyway, these apples work how apples used to work on the old map, Fortnite Chapter 2 apples do not have any special properties. They only heal you for five health if you need it, and will not give you shields or anything if you are at full health. The wording of the challenge just says that you have to consume them, not that you actually need to be healed by them, so in that case please eat three in a row and you are done. If for some reason you do need to heal, so you have to find the nearest barn and jump off of it to get injured enough to make the apples heal you. We tried this for science and took 30 damage. That was pointless. But yeah, this is an easy challenge when you remember where the Orchard actually is, and we hope that we have helped you with that. See you out there for some apple picking.

The last word, if you still need more information regarding the location o f the Orchard Fortnite, you are able to send us an email for assistance.

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