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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has arrived with a variety of new-fresh contents especially for Fortnite Battle Royale fans. The fresh contents here includes the daily challenges, more reliable Fortnite cosmetics, new NPCs and more.

Well, in Fortnite Season 5, almost all players have been concerned about a new Fortnite server which has emerged online. Then, what is a new Fortnite server which makes a lot of players concerned?

What is The Rift Modded Server?

A new Fortnite server which was recently talked about by a lot of Fortnite players is The Rift. Known, the Rift Fortnite Modded Server comes in beta which offers an array of Fortnite skins and other items within. To note, the Rift Modded Server is not hosted by Epic Games. Therefore, this server mode is gaining a good deal of its popularity.

In fact, there have been plenty of videos online from Fortnite content creators who join the Rift Modded server on their PC. In other words, the Rift is the private server mode which is available in beta.

The Rift Fortnite Modded Server Code

How Does the Rift Modded Server Work?

Anyone who joins this mode server is allowed to access endless Fortnite cosmetics including skins, emotes, harvesting tol and more items. When the players are using the private server, they can also equip any of their favorite outfits along with other preferred items before they go into the game. Then, it allows them to get into Solo and Party Royale mode as of now.

As we’ve mentioned, the Rift private server is coming in beta with speculations and rumors pointing that there can be an addition of previous Fortnite seasons as well. We guess that if it happens, many Fortnite fans will be able to play earlier seasons with Roft Modded Server.

Is the Rift Modded Server Official?

To note, the Rift is a private server which is independent of Epic Games servers. In other words, the Rift is not an official Epic Games’ server. However, Epic Games has yet to comment on the Rift modded server which is very likely that they will not. But, you should notice that anytime you log into an unofficial Epic Games server, there will always be a risk.

Furthermore, the modded servers of Fortnite are usually just tolerated by developers for Triple-A games. Well, if the users do not step out of line, the developer can then normally leave them alone.

As an unofficial Epic Games server, of course you will be hard to find any official news related to The Rift Modded server’s information. Aside from that, it does not allow the players to give any items to their own account or other Fortnite account due to it’s a private server.

Because the Rift Modded Server is not official of server, for any cases, Epic Games will not be protecting any players from racial slurs, hackers, homophobic slurs, any kind of sexual harrasment or any of the protections which most players will usually have on a public Epic Games server.

Indeed, the process of this server only works on Windows PC. That means it is not supported by gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices. PlayStation and also Xbox One Series.

Is There a Code for Rift Modded Server?

As we have emphasized above, the Rift Modded server is not official of Epic Games server. The lackage of the information about this server already leads the Fortnite fans to find out for The Rift Fortnite Modded Server Code. Unfortunately, there’s no information which informs about the code that you can use to join into the Rift Modded Server.

Unlike most of Epic Games servers which allows the users to enter the code if they want to join a certain server. The Rift Modder Server does not allow the players to get and enter the code in order to join with this server. In other words, you do not need to enter the code to join this server. So, how to join The Rift Modded Server to play Fortnite? Well, in order to be able to join the Rift Modded Server, let’s see the way explained in the next section!

How to Join the Rift Modded Server to Play Fortnite?

To join the Rift Modded server, you don’t need to enter the code. If you want to join the Rift Modded server, you can use this invite link to join, here’s for the link: This link is coming from the Discord owned by Max. On Discord, this server has more than 45K members with 5.4K online members.

Once you access this link, you have to enter your username and then click on the Continue button. It will direct you to The Rift Modded Server and start to play Fortnite on this server. Let’s get your unforgettable experience by joining The Rift Modded Server!

For more information, this Rift Modded server is actually safe due to there have been no reports of trojans, any malwares and account stealing. Though, you have to be careful if you use your accounts as the servers are not part of the official Epic Games server. It may not have great protection or guarantee.

To note, anything which may happen to the players when they join the Rift Modded server is your own responsibility because it is not an official Epic Games Server and does not offer the real services as well as the official Epic Games servers.

If you wonder how The Rift Modded Server works, you can also watch some Fortnite content creators which show you this server’s performance. Here’s a list of YouTube videos:

  • A video from WxvesFN entitled NEW FORTNITE PRIVATE SERVER (RIFT) that you can watch here.
  • A video from How-To Tech entitled How To Join The Rift Fortnite Modded Server that you can watch here.
  • A video from Xeran_YT entitled TUTORIAL: NEW Fortnite THE RIFT Server Set Up and Download / How To Set Up Rift and Modded Server that you can watch here.
  • A video from IzTendo entitled Fortnite Rift Private Server Tutorial (in-game support!) that you can watch here.

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