The Scientist Fortnite Tapes (Recording Transcript)

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As a Fortnite player, you surely know that there are a series of Visitor tapes which can be found around the map in Fortnite. They are actually hints for what is in store for the upcoming season. To be able to hear the hints, you have to find a whole bunch of recordings left by none other than the Visitor. He is the time-travelling guy and he is responsible for most of the map rift zones in Season 10 and map changes.

So, how to be able to find the visitor recordings in the Fortnite map? Here are the locations of where you are able to find them.

  • Floating Island. You are able to find a tape here which moves around the map. However, it is still easy to find from a distance. You are able to get yourself to the island and find a pickup truck beside a car and building. You will find the Visitor recording in the pickup truck’s bed.
  • Greasy Grove. You are able to go inside the taco restaurant. Then, you will find the Visitor Recording sitting on a booth table near the bathrooms in the back right.
  • Gotham City. You have to go to the Monarch Theater in Gotham City and then you will find the Visitor Recording which lays in the street right outside the main entrance of the theater.
  • Moisty Palms. You will be able to find the Visitor Recording which lays on the brick divider on the roof of hotel and it is up on top of the hotel which is the tallest building in town.
  • Starry Suburbs. You are able to find Visitor Recording inside the red brick building, up a few floors. You will see it laying on a bed.
  • Retail Row. Here, you have to go into the bookstore and go up to the second floor. You will find the Visitor Recording on the ground in front of a stand and near a window.

After that, numbers started floating around the circle which players find was actually a coded message. When taking those specific words from the Visitor’s audio recordings, it contains potential message in it. You may want to know the transcript of it. So, you are able to see the transcript of this Recording on the video of randomChievos entitled All 6 Visitor Audio Recordings Played (All Secret Sound Messages in Fortnite) which was uploaded on October 10th, 2019. You are also able to access Dexerto site and find an article about it. There, you will find the transcript messages from the Visitor recordings. In the article which can be found in Dexerto, it is also included with the assumption of the meaning of the message of the Visitor Recordings.

So, you are able to check the message now and you are able to try to figure out what the meanings of the messages. Thank you for reading this article. If you need some other information about Fortnite, you are able to read other articles about it on this site.

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