This is Why FORTNITE So Popular in the World of FPS Gaming

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Fortnite has become a popular FPS game for no longer since it’s released and you do not know why? However, there are some basic reasons why Fortnite is rising too fast compared to other FPS games. Once you know the reasons, you’ll automatically think that your choice is right at all.

Are you curious too why Fortnite is one of the hot FPS games in the world? Let’s find out some basic facts below!

This is Why FORTNITE So Popular in the World of FPS Gaming

To know why Fortnite is so popular, of course we can see it for more than one aspect within. That means there are multiple aspects either internal aspects or external aspects that you can recognize for the popularity of this game. Better to give the list some reasons why Fortnite is widely popular FPS game shown in each point as follow:

This is Why FORTNITE So Popular in the World of FPS Gaming

1. Attractive Graphics Design

Why do we choose the graphics design as the first reason for the popularity of the Fortnite game? Of course, we also have strong reasons for it. As you know that graphic design is the most important element that should be in the FPS game. You may also see that Fortnite was designed for streamlined design which looks so gorgeous.

The Fortnite’s design graphic is attractive but it presents in leastwise a photorealistic way that makes the game a bit intensive for the graphic processors which is compared to other FPS games. Fortnite’s design and how to integrate the battle royale game is actually neat at all.

Apart from the whole appearance of the Fortnite island, the wide range of smartly designed weapons and gadgets offers an inviting experience for every Fortnite player. In fact, there are a numerous of Fortnite players who are really happy when they find a mobile bush as they’re to get hold of a high-powered sniper rifle.

Moreover, the cartoonishly cute and welcoming visual also becomes one of the graphic designs that should not be forgotten. The visual Fortnite map is created in easy-to-use with simple navigation which makes the players cozier to still touch the map to reach the certain locations.

2. Because of the Popular Streamers

This seems something that cannot be avoided. The contribution of popular streamers in playing any games and sharing their gameplay in their social platform can be a marvelous market opted by almost all game developers. So as with Fortnite games, as a Fortnite player, you really recognize that the pro-streamers in playing games and knowing them in their social platforms is such a reference for you to get the better skill in Fortnite.

When a pro-steamer plays Fortnite which are watched by thousands of live viewers, it’s surely an indirect weapon to attract many new players to play Fortnite even they really idolize the streamers in-frame.

There are a lot of pro-influential streamers which have many huge fans in the world that have many contributions in Fortnite. Who are they? They’re Bugha, Ninja, ShyperPK, Tim Solo Mid, TimTheTatman, CouRage, Tfue and many more.

3. Free to Play Game

It may be a very honest reason for almost all Fortnite fans. As a free-to-play game, Fortnite has attracted all societies in the world including age-based, genre-based, social-based and more. In fact, the free game is a primary factor why Fortnite has become popular in the world.

Furthermore, in a market which is filled with games sold in dollars it will be troublesome for people outside of the US and Europe to buy this game. While a free game totally can capture the vast market of Asia, South America and the Middle East. In this case, they prefer quantity than quality.

Even so, not all aspects of the Fortnite game are free. There are many paid-items in Fortnite that you have to purchase with V-Bucks (Fortnite currency). The items here include Fortnite cosmetics, Battle Pass and more. Without purchasing them, you definitely cannot play Fortnite as well as possible.

4. Enjoyable Components Within

Certainly, the popular game is not just determined in physics and mechanics but also how the player can enjoy the game. And, Fortnite has answered it well. In Fortnite, you will find many inviting components within the Fortnite game. In fact, the fun components here makes the Fortnite players more enjoyable to keep playing Fortnite for a much longer time.

The enjoyable components here include Fortnite emote dance allowing you to take many kinds of dances in Fortnite Emote Wheel, the shopping carts, the golf carts and other little things which Fortnite adds in.

5. Constant Update

Epic Games regularly update for the latest patch to present more gorgeous features and more great maintenance to the Fortnite game system. It doesn’t wonder if there are tons of new-latest features that you can find in Fortnite with fun things such as gliders, rifts in the sky, grapple guns, amazing weapons, etc.

6. Spectacular In-game Event

Event held in Fortnite is no doubt anymore. Epic Games has collaborated with numerous parties including the film industry (Marvel, DC, etc), popular musicians, popular streamers and many more. Of course, the Fortnite stages them to be part of Fortnite events.

For example, recently Fortnite has held an spectacular event named “Astrominical event” which presents a famous rapper and singer at once, he’s Travis Scott. Surprisingly! This event was attended by more than 12.2 millions audiences. Certainly, for Travis Scott’s fans in Fortnite, this event can be a chance to see their idol while playing the game.

Aside from the spectacular event, Epic Games also has sharp-snipers to attract many fans around the world by presenting Marvel’s Superheroes and DC’s Superheroes in the game through the Fortnite challenge and skins. As a huge fan of Marvel or DC comics, of course you won’t waste your time to finally buy or complete the Fortnite challenge in order to get your favorite superhero.

In this post, we just share some of the general reasons why Fortnite is so popular FPS games in the world. Of course, there are still a lot of individual reasons depending on the opinion of each. How about you? Do you have a certain reason why Fortnite becomes popular?

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