Top 10 Fortnite Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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For beginners, being best at Fortnite is not straightforward. There are so many stages you should pass through when attempting to be a great player. However, Fortnite offers you a variety of obstacles to challenge you whether you can pass it or not.

To get good in Fortnite, you cannot stand alone, instead you should look for some smart strategies that many pro-players suggest. If you’re new to Fortnite and try to achieve your goal to be the best player, no worries, you can do some tips and tricks that we’ll share with you below. Let’s check them out!

Top 10 Fortnite Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1) Obtain the Resources Early

In Fortnite, building is a central part of the game. Even though you can attempt Zero Build mode, it will give you nothing. To start playing Fortnite, you just simply build what you think and what you want, without doing anything that is so complicated.

Of course, you will need resources before you are working out when and what to build. There are so many important materials you can get including wood, stone and metal. You can dig up from just about any building or object in the world. You can surely gain some along your way naturally, but taking up a decent amount when first landing in the game is highly recommended.

2) Try to Use Long and Short Range

We know that every player will feel most comfortable with different weapons. However, it’s very important for you to always have both short and long-range weapons on hand. No matter how well you are with a Sniper Rifle, it may be someone sneak up behind you. In this situation, you will need a short-range weapon to take them out.

Fortunately, the armoury in Fortnite is pretty expansive, so you can kit yourself out to your liking. If you want to take quiet and precise shots, you can use a Sniper Rifle and a Burst Rifle. If you prefer to get a more explosive approach, it would be better for you to use a Rocket Launcher and a Shotgun.

3) Don’t Run in a Straight Line

In order to get in the circle, you may have no option, instead breaking cover and making a run for it. However, it’s highly recommended for you to make a run in a straight line. Make sure to keep changing direction, even if only slightly and jump lots. However, it will make it harder for a sniper to line up a shot in your direction of travel.

One more thing you can do to increase your odds of survival is to run in a ‘Z’ pattern or even occasionally duck. Even though you look crazy, at least the high-skilled snapper will not get their kill shot.

4) Turn On Visualize Sound Effects

You may need to ensure your settings are to your liking, before even jumping into a game. In this case, the settings you go with are purely personal preference, but some may be beneficial than others. Turning on visualize sound effects is one of the recommended ways you should do to get good in Fortnite.

To turn on visualize sound effects, you can go to Audio Portion in the Settings menu. Once doing it, Fortnite will give you a visual representation of key in-game events which tie to their sounds.

5) Avoid Busy Area

In Fortnite Battle Royale, you can maximize your opportunities of survival by staying out of busy spots on the map until you are totally forced to enter them. However, if you land in the more populated areas of the map, it can often net you the great loot and weapons. However, if you are new to the game, it will be more likely you will die early on.

6) Control Your Shots

Make sure to control your shots, since spamming fire at enemies in the hopes they die is a bad idea. If you’ve already obtained a rapid-life weapon, like an Assault Rifle, you can fire in controlled bursts, so make sure to take care to readjust your aim every few seconds.

If you have a Shotgun, you may need to wait until you have gained the shot carefully lined up to fire. Wasting the shots leads you to spend time reloading and will be more likely to miss.

7) Try to Use Support Items

It will be easy to write off most non-healing items as unnecessary in a battle royale scenario. Of course, you can try to use Shield Portion, since they importantly give you a longer health bar which can be very easily replenished.

Outside of that, there are some different types of Grenades which will throw a wrench in the enemy’s plan, along with things for a quick escape like the Rift-To-Go. For example, a tent is one thing you should never throw out, as it functions as a portable inventory expansion.

8) Make Sure to Crouch When Snipping

If you really want to survive as a sniper, crouching is a must-do for you. If you crouch, it will not only give your opponent less of you to shoot at, but it will assist to steady your aim. However, it will help you if you are trying to shoot someone from a distance.

9) Be Familiar with Weapons Rarity

To become best in Fortnite, you should be familiar with what each color represents, as you will know which weapons to keep and which ones to eliminate. Let’s learn the weapon rarity, as follow:

  • Common — Gray
  • Uncommon — Green
  • Rare — Blue
  • Epic — Purple
  • Legendary — Orange

10)  Find the Best Loot

Keep in mind, loot boxes, towns and even llamas are carrying the important things that you have to survive. Indeed, you should avoid the more populated areas, but you should know where you will be more likely to find good loot. Make sure to beware when running around check buildings, vehicles and other structures, since other players will be doing the exact same thing.

Okay, those are some tips and tricks you can do to be the best in Fortnite.

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