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Apparently, the competition of Fortnite has been a little bit one-dimensional since the Trios FNCS wrapped-up. Epic Games is likely waiting for Fortnite Season 2 before they create any announcements that will hopefully trigger a World Cup 2020 reveal.

One of the methods that competitive Fortnite players have been staying busy is through Fortnite Cash Cups. There are mostly solo competitions where the players are able to earn smaller rewards more frequently. We get information that Fortnite coach and analyst Arcane has already gathered the stats on the Cash Cup performances and delivered the top earners from the two most prestigious regions: NA-East and EU. Well, in this time, we are going to share top Fortnite cash cup earners.


  • UnknownxArmy1x: 35,000
  • Khanada: 26,150
  • SEN aspect: 20,400
  • Marzz_OW: 18,100
  • MRKN Av: 17,675
  • scoped: 17,275
  • SEN Bugha: 15,975
  • thwifo: 15,150

For your information, Unknown has made a name for himself through his Fortnite Cash Cup performances. Repeatedly, he was placing highly and winning on both a controller and keyboard. Following Unknown, there are some other popular names like Khanada, Aspect, and Scoped along with Marzz_OW and MRKN Av. Aside from this, we have World Cup champion Bugha and thwifo who recently parted ways with Ghost Gaming.

Now, let us to talk to EU region. You are able to see a sharp spike in overall winnings. NRG BenjyFishy is the leading earner that blows everyone else out of the water with $52,350 earned from Fortnite Cash Cups.


  • NRG benjyfishy: 52,350
  • Kiryache32: 37,750
  • COOLER aqua: 25,150
  • Liquid mitr0: 25,150
  • chapix: 22,900
  • Slide Niases: 21,000
  • wakie: 19,700
  • Erouce: 19,525
  • NRG MrSavageM: 18,850

From the list above, you will be able to see that other top-tier pros like COOLER aqua and another World Cup winner such as mitr0 and MrSavageM round-off the list. Besides, Arcane also compiled a list of the top earners since the Fortnite World Cup last year. It is not strange, NRG BenjyFishy also tops this list with aqua behind him.


  • NRG benjyfishhy: 249,950
  • COOLER aqua: 235,050
  • E11 Stompy: 217,700
  • Faze Mongraal: 209,600
  • Tschinken: 207,000
  • mitr0: 197,950

The list above is the six highest earners after the World Cup are all from the EU region. Many Fortnite players and outlets have been campaigning for the higher prize pools in the EU region. With stats like this, it is difficult to argue that the top players are not from EU region. We think that we will have to wait and see at the next Fortnite World Cup.

Now, you have know the list of top Fortnite Cash Cup earners. Is there any question related the top Fortnite Cash Cup earners? If you have any question related Fortnite Cash Cup earners, so you are able to send us an email.

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