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You are probably on this page to find the Junk Junction Treasure Map Signpost on Fortnite, aren’t you? What make you so interested to follow the information about it? If you are as veteran Fortnite player, you may already know what it is. But, it is also possible that there are still many Fortnite players who do not about this at all. So, in this chance, we will give you the enlightenment for this topic.

Talking about treasure map signpost, definitely it will show about the challenge that you can find in Season 8 Week 10. In this challenge, you will be allowed to follow some tasks, they are searching the Treasure Map Signpost found in Junk Junction and following the Treasure Map Signpost found in Junk Junction. Then, what is exactly this challenge and how to follow this challenge?

Of course, if you have interacted with the Signpost, you will automatically get a Treasure Map. After got it, you will be directed to the clue where to find the Treasure. Need to know that the pirate-themed season is drawing to close. It means that you only have about one week to finish up the season 8 challenges that is so possible to earn Tier 100 and the Luxe skin. Then, for second time, the player should be completing a two-part treasure map challenge in Week 10. However, the challenges were so fun to follow.

Now, in Season 8 Week 10, you have to finish the Treasure Map Signpost challenges. In this challenge, you must to look for the map in junk junction. Do you know where the junk junction location is? We guess that just a few Fortnite players who really know this place. Indeed, you can use the map to see the junk junction location.

When you are searching the junk junction, you do not have to worry in completing the two matches. It is because the second match will automatically active after you have completed the first match as well. After you have finished the first match, definitely you will find that the signpost is completed.

If you are so interested to find the Treasure Map, actually you have to go to the location where the map is located. Unlike the Fortnite Treasure Map location in the past, definitely there is no way to know this location before the challenge completes.

To find the Treasure Map on Fortnitre is just like any other item in the game. Indeed, the Treasure Map can be found in the chest or also lying down around in the game world. Then, if you are playing the matches so enough, automatically the Fortnite player will find one eventually. After the player has the buried treasure map, they really can use it to make a gold light present in the sky.

Then, if you so curious how to find the junk junction location to get the treasure map signpost, it is better for you to read our article titled Where is Junk Junction on the Fortnite Map Chapter 2 on this page. On this article, you can find the location for detail.

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