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TRN Fortnite is the name of an unofficial progression and skill-ranking system that has been developed by Fortnite Tracker. This one is not intended to give players another layer to progression that is not found within the game itself, and allows users to measure their skill and improvements, while also comparing themselves to the others.

TRN Fortnite is available exclusively to those the users of Fortnite Tracker. Using data direct from Fortnite, the rating takes into account wins and loses, the number of kills, and more. Based on this information, a certain player is issued a TRN Fortnite between 0 and 5000, with 0 being the worst of the worst and 5000 being the best of the best.

When you update your stats on the thing called Fortnite Tracker, they look at your last game or games. based on if you won, placed, or lost, and how many kills you got, they will adjust your score. Using the database, they discovered the median kills for the following groups (Duo):

  • Winners get ~ 7 kills
  • 2nd Tier gets ~ 4 kills
  • 3rd Tier gets ~ 3 kills
  • Everyone else gets ~ 2 kills

Fortnite Tracker will update TRN Fortnite rating regularly. Every playlist has these calculated. For instance for Solo, winners on average get 9 kills, while the second place gets 5. Using these values, they compute a score like this:

If a player wins, and they get >7, they get 5% of (5000-current score).

If a player wins, and they get less than 7, they get 4% of (5000-current score).

Currently, the system of TRN Fortnite is based on average player stats. If a certain player does better than the average, their score will rise up. On the other hand, the score will decrease if they do worse than the average.

What is best about the TRN Fortnite rating is that the fact that it is able to be applied to all kinds of players, whether they play for hours every single day, or just the occasional hour each week. The thing makes it accessible to everyone.

How do you see your TRN Fortnite rating? If you want to see your own Fortnite TRN rating, you will first need to make sure you are signed up to the website of Fortnite Tracker. Once you have done that, you will see a TRN rating of 1200. It is the default rating. You have to start doing well in matches and it will climb.

In addition to the general TRN Fortnite rating, all the players are able to dive deeper and see more statistics. Everything is available through the site, including the number of kills per match, average score per match, and more.

For those who are a hardcore player, or just an on-an-off user, it might be worth keeping an eye on your TRN Fortnite rating in order to see how you improve. Please keep in mind that a bit of extra motivation to do well is never a bad thing.

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