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The term tryhard means a person who is perceived as putting too much effort into something recreational such as a game. As for tryhard symbols Fortnite, they refer to the symbols in the Fortnite username that describe how extra a certain player is.

For those who play Fortnite and want to change your Fortnite username to tryhard symbols, here are some of them that you can use.

  1. NoLxve
  2. iDrxp
  3. vHxpnotic
  4. | K A R M A |
  5. Disrrptツ
  6. vSxolar-
  7. Tryнαrd.
  8. BlessMyPump
  9. FeelMy7DamagePump
  10.  𝕔 𝕙 𝕖 𝕣 𝕣 𝕪
  11. Qeezy
  12. Sceptix
  13. ToxicVxpeツ
  14. zl H X T E D lz
  15. xX-RîP-Yøûr-KD-Xx
  16. vRevxnge
  17. vNoHxpe
  18. xUnique_
  19. iTz
  20. iSaucyy
  21. vRezxiiZ-
  22. zNightmxre
  23. S U I X I D E
  24. v RyZeツ
  25. vNoLxveツ
  26. BlxssMyPxmp
  27. CloUTツ
  28. |||-RIP-KD-|||
  29. vCrxzys
  30. Drxp
  31. x ReFleXzz
  32. lx BxtchWeTryhxrd xl
  33. iFaceTimeOpps
  34. Crxckedツ
  35. xTryh4rd
  36. Vxie.
  37. TryNotToRageee
  38. Ghoulz
  39. Rxspxct My EWO ll
  40. iKxmoi
  41. FIG‿♂
  42. iQuiKz
  43. BlessMyPxmp-
  44. WhyYouMad?
  45. l Oxpz_ u_TrxsH l
  46. zer0
  47. X_RestinPassiv3_X
  48. zLoveMySkills.
  49. vAuthentiqz-
  50. CxshedOutツ
  51. zGöTvEreNzツ
  52. Sylyx
  53. ll Badspxrt lll
  54. xWeeDz
  55. RunAway-
  56. zNoLxve
  57. vBxtter-
  58. Cyxum
  59. llx NoxMxrcy
  60. Pwndx

After choosing a tryhard symbol that you want, it is time for you to change your Fortnite username. For those who are going to change your Fortnite username, the first thing that should be done is to go to the official website of Epic Games. Then, choose the Account icon. The next thing that should be done is to enter your account info. Afterward, click on the My Account icon. In the fifth step, you can change your existing username to your new name. You can either type or copy and paste the tryhard symbol above. When it is done, please scroll down and click on Save Changes to save the change. The last thing that should be done is to exit the site and log back into your Epic Games account and make your username with a smiley face appears.

Please take a note that Fortnite does put a restriction on how often you are able to change your Fortnite username. You may only allowed to change your Fortnite username once every six months so please think twice before changing your Fortnite username.

There is no restrictions to add tryhard symbols into Fortnite username. Actually, Epic Games does put some restrictions on Fortnite username but there is nothing about tryhard symbols. Those tryhard symbols above are just examples, they are default. It means you are able to create the tryhard symbols by yourself and use it as your Fortnite username. Feel free to make a creation as you get the chance to do it, especially when you think those above are not tryhard enough.

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