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You probably often see TSM Daequan on videos in Youtube or in Twitch. Or, you may have heard news about him as a professional Fortnite player. After you know the look of him and what he has achieved, you may be curious about his age. So, let’s find out here.

Age is not something important to consider if we talk about game, right? Everyone in any age can play games and in this case is Fortnite. However, you may want to know someone’s age if he is good at playing or if he has a lot of achievements. When you see someone play greatly or achieve something good, then you may murmur, “How old is he?”

Well, TSM Daequan was born on May 12th, 1994. It means now in 2019 he is 25 years old. He is still young and he is able to achieve a lot of things in game. So, how old are you now? If you are younger than him, make sure that you will be able to be greater than him. But, if you are older than him, make sure that you do not lose with whatever he achieved.

Besides his age, you surely want to know more about him, right? Usually, you are able to find information about TSM Daequan such as his personal life, his career and more from Wiki. However, we are going to share you some important information about him.

TSM Daequan is a professional Youtuber, professional Fortnite player and also Twitch streamer from America. Los Angeles, California is a place where he lives now. Before he was famous, his first MMO IGN was Sparkidious. He set the world record for the most kills in a Fortnite Game with 39 in a duo match and his record was broken by Teeqzy. Currently, there are more than 5.22 million subscribers on his Youtube channel named Daequan Loco and the total views of his videos on Youtube is more than 628 million times of views. How about his Twitch? In his Twitch named TSM_Daequan, there are more than 3.7 followers.

He has a long history of competitive gaming since he participates in a lot of different types of games. Some games in his extensive repertoire are Destiny 1 PvP, GunZ, Smite, Black Desert Online, Wildstar, and more. He started a deeper interest with first-person shooter games through H1Z1, building up his skill through extended hours of gameplay. After finding Fortnite, then he began a Youtube under Deaquan Loco name and he dedicates the channel to the game in November 2017. In his Youtube channel, he uploaded various gameplay and commentaries.

He has been a member of TSM Fortnite team since February 2018. TSM includes some other influential names in Fortnite such as dakotaz, Myth, and Hamlinz. Regularly, these players compete in professional Fortnite tournaments as a unit.

Do you want to know about his estimated net worth? According to the blog.gfuel.com, his rough estimated net worth is about $200k from his routine streams, twitch subscriptions, ad revenue and sponsorships. In addition, he also makes his income from tournament winning which will only serve to increase his worth as time goes on. Different from Gfuel site, according to famousbirthsdeaths.com, his net worth and salary is about US $600 thousand.

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