Unfused Challenge Guide: How to Yeet an Opponent & Deal Fall Damage (How to Unlock)

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In Fortnite Chapter 2, there are a lot of different weapons that you are able to rack up eliminations. But, for the Tier 100 skin, Fusion, you will get a new set of challenges to be able to unlock two additional styles for the skin. One of the requires is that you have to yeet an opponent and deal fall damage. Do you know how to do this? We well give you a guide to do this.

To be able to yeet an opponent in Fortnite and deal fall damage, you have to follow the steps below.

  • You have to play duos or squads only. It is important for you to know that here you have to yeet an opponent. So, you have to be in a Duos or Squads game since you need your opponent to be downed.
  • Then, you have to down an enemy. You have to knock a player down here so they are crawling around on the floor but you need to note that you do not kill them altogether.
  • Here, you have to pick them up. You have to run over and pick up your opponent. This thing can be done by walking over to them and pressing X on your Xbox One, Square on PS4, Y on your Switch and E on PC.
  • You have to carry them to a high place. Currently in this step, all you want to do is finding somewhere high to throw them off from. So, the best bet that you can do is quickly building a wooden ramp that is at least three or four high. You have to run up to the top and then throw them off.
  • Here now, you have yeeted an opponent in Fortnite and dealt damage.

Okay, that’s all the guide of unfused challenge where you have to yeet an opponent and deal fall damage. After reading this guide, hopefully you are able to play well and of course you are able to win in this challenge.

Basically in Chapter 2 Unfused Challenge, there are two variants which are available for the Fusion skin. Those are the VEX (black) and XEV (white) versions. To be able to unlock these skins, you have to complete the missions which are provided for each skin. There are four challenges for every skin and you will have to unlock the skin if you have completed the challenges. You need to remember that your battle pass has to be level 100 before you are able to unlock these skins.

For VEX Challenges, there are destroying opposing player buildings, finishing top 10 in Solo, yeeting an opponent so they deal fall damage, and eliminating opponents in different matches. For XEV challenges, there are finishing top 5 in Squad or Duos, carrying teammate out of Storm, reviving and rebooting a teammate and assisting a teammate with eliminations. So, in which part are you now? If you are in the step where you have to yeet an opponent and deal fall damage, you can follow the guide above about what to do there.

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