Unlock Fortnite Skins Without Paying

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Are you so excited to get the unlocked Fortnite skins without paying? Surely it is so normal for every player who really desire to have unlocked skin without paying. Unfortunately, you cannot get any all skins without paying, the terms of service applied for this. So, what kinds of skins that you can unlock without paying and how to unlock it?

Talking about the unlock Fortnite skin without paying definitely we can be directed into some great offers that Epic Games gives. In this case, the offers here are related to the a mission and challenge. So, we can guess that unlock Fortnite skin without paying can be obtained by completing any mission and challenge.

Back to the ways in getting the skins for the first time, definitely there are two main ways that you can do to get the skins. The first main way is to purchase the skin in the Item Shop. Then, the second way is to obtain the skins through mission and challenge in four offers ways: Item Shop, Promotions and Purchasable bundle.

Then, how to unlock Fortnite Skins without paying? Certainly, to get the unlocked Fortnite items without paying is related to the offers that Epic Games give. Based on some sources, at least, there are two main things in which you will get the unlocked Fortnite items without paying. They are:

  • Events

This first way that you can get unlocked Fortnite item as is the events in 14 days summer or other Epic Games events. This event will require you to complete the mission and challenges coming to you. Note: This events should be done just in limited time with certain days.

  • Free Pass

The second option that you can choose is by having a free pass. This can be seen at the upper part of the battle pass screen. Unfortunately, leveling it can be slightly harder than you do not get the XP bonuses.

So, if you have not had the battle free pass since Season 1, automatically you will not get a chance in getting it. Well, this is such a warning for Fortnite player who make it easy in getting the unlocked Fortnite item.

But, if you have the two main things that we have explained above, of course, the all items you unlock without paying will be totally free at all. Unfortunately, in this facts, we have to underline that the free pass will not give you any skins. In this case, we will emphasize that the unlock Fortnite item is not applied for Fortnite skins. If it can, you must reach a certain amount of v-bucks.

The free pass just gives you for v-bucks, but the amount of v-bucks is for about 200 v-bucks only. It means that you have to take multiple season to buy simply a green rarity skin. Then, if you have got starting in season 2 and just collected the free pass v-bucks for all seasons, of course, you will be at about 1,800 v-bucks.

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