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To play Fortnite on Android, you must have certain Android specifications. Of course, if your Android does not have requirements specifications, we guarantee that you cannot totally play Fortnite. That’s so sad, isn’t it?

But, as there are many complaints from android users who cannot play Fortnite on their device, it leads some application creators to make a tool which allows the people to play Fortnite even though their devices are not supported. So, it is such good news for them.

Then, what is the application that can make their dream come true?

How to Get Fortnite with Apk v13.20.0 Fortnite Fix Android?

To be able to play Fortnite in unsupported Android, of course, you will need Apk v13.20.0 Fortnite Fix Android update. Then, to get it, you must download it first. Unfortunately, there are most Fortnite players who do not know where to get this Apk, but you do not worry because we are here to inform you how to get Apk v13.20.0.

Well, if you really desire to get the Apk v13.20.0, please follow our instructions below!

Step 1: Check your Android Version

  • The first thing before you download the Apk is to check your Android version. However, the APK  v13.20.0 needs Android with minimum requirements specs on Android version of 5.0 or higher.
  • After you check it and your Android is compatible, you can continue to the next step.

Step 2: Go to Google Play

  • Then, to ensure that you cannot totally play Fortnite by downloading the game from Google Play, you can check it back.
  • Open Google Play Store, type “Fortnite” on the search bar. If the Android is not supported to play Fortnite, of course there is no result for Fortnite. So, leave it!

Step 3: Go to Your Browser

  • After you really know that your Android is not supported to play Fortnite, you instead need to go to your browser on your Android to access a site which provides the APK  v13.20.0.
  • The site that you can visit is at ictflix.net.

Step 4: Start to Download the APK v13.20.0.

  • Once you are at the page of ictflix.net, you have to find three bar menus on the top right of the page. Click it. Then, you have to choose the Download menu.
  • Then, you will be directed into a page which provides Fortnite APK Fix download.
  • You can find download Fortnite APK Fix devices not supported & Create Fortnite APK for any device. Then, you have to choose Fortnite _v13.40.0_Update_11.8.2020. Then, click download.

Step 5: Install APK v13.20.0 on Your Android

  • The APK v13.20.0 automatically will be downloaded and saved in your library.
  • Tap APK when it’s finished.
  • Then, click install. (Note: you must activate the “Unknown Sources” option on your Application Settings to install it.)
  • If the installing of the APK v13.20.0 is successful, the Fortnite will launch on your smartphone home screen. But, if it is not, Fortnite cannot be found.

Step 6: Get Started Playing Fortnite

  • If there is no trouble in downloading the APK v13.20.0, you totally can play Fortnite on your Android now. Even though at the beginning your Android is not supported, playing Fortnite.
  • But, by downloading and installing the APK v13.20.0 on your unsupported Android, you can grab Fortnite well.

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