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In Fortnite, you may often hear the name of Valkyrie. Definitely, it refers to any object which has the same term. But, if you type the terms of Valkyrie related to the Fortnite, of course, it has many results. In the result, you may get Valkyrie as one of heroic Fortnite skin. Then, you may also get the other results.

Then, the Valkyrie in Fortnite is not only about the Fortnite skin, but it also refers to a girl who has gotten in touch with Fortnite for a long time. Yeah… She is a professional Fortnite Streamer.

Her real name is Rachel Marie Hofsetter, but in Twitch, she is popular Valkyrie Fortnite Streamer Agewith Valkyrae. She is an American full-time variety Twitch Steamer. As a Streamer, of course, she has many followers reaching 812,741 on Twitch. Her channel named Valkyrae was created on January 11th, 2015.

If you are so excited to know more about her in detail, here is the background information about Valkyrae.

Full/Real Name          Rachel Marie Hofsetter
Online Name Valkyrae
City of Birth United States
Born January 8, 1992 (age 28)
Language English
Height 5 ft.3 (160 cm)
Started Streaming 11th Jan 2015
Streaming Days Everyday
Streaming Time 5pm – 2am EST
Followers 812,741
Est. Net Worth $450,000

Biography of Valkyrae

Since 2016, she has been full-time as Twitch Streamer which play the games such as Fortnite, The Walking Dead and Bloodborne. Those games definitely gave her a big growth of her popularity on Twitch.

Besides, she also has a big YouTube Channel named Valkyrae where she always uploads vlogs and highlights from her stream regularly. Now, she is the first female to be part of the 100 Thieves creators team.

She lives in Los Angeles at the top of the 100 Thieves Content House. Then, she also gave some financial help to her mom who had paid her mom’s debts. Then, all her hard work gave her a large audience in July 2019. Now, she has over 10 million total views.

Personal Life

She has a relationship with someone named Sonii as the classic WOw Twitch Streamer.


Since she was a kid, Valkyrae really loved video games. Then, before she started streaming on Twitch channel, she also got a degree from a Community College which worked at GameStop. She also used her Instagram to create some posts about gaming as you love. Then, her followers on Instagram asked her to stream in Twitch, then, she started creating her official Twitch channel named Valkyrae. That’s one of her reasons why she is on Twitch now.

On Twitch, she has a great popularity due to what Fortnite gave to her. Then, she was contracted by the 100 Thieves organization in 2018. She moved to the 100 Thieves Content House in the beginning of 2019 where she leaves with the owner of the organization, the ex-pro player Nadeshot.

Until 2018, she did not start uploading the videos about games. She also collaborated  with other Fortnite streamers, they are Myth, Pokimane, Daequan Loco and Cizzorz.

Well, those are the information about Valkyrae that you already know.

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