Venturion Cape Combos

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In Fortnite, you are allowed to find the best combinations of skins and also the items. The term is well-known as skin combos. Of course, each combo includes the main skin and any items such as backpacks, pickaxe, gliders and many more. In this case, the Fortnite skin combo roles to explore a skin completed with a different item.

So, how amazing the skin looks!

Stocking your locker with some of the gorgeous skins by finding them through the best skin combos is totally a must for you. However, the skin combos will make your avatar have a different awesome look at all. Of course, the skin combo in Fortnite is a point of pride for many players in which they really have the anti-mainstream skin in Fortnite.

In fact, if you are roaming a map in the battle with more than 50 people, we guess that you probably do your avatar in this style.

Well, in this chance, we will be giving you one of the Fortnite items which is really worthy to apply on any Fortnite skins. The item is Venturion Cape included as the Fortnite back-bling.  Of course, this back-bling is totally suitable to apply with another skin, not only on Venturion skin.

Venturion Cape is an Epic Back Bling that you can get from Ventura Set. This item can be purchased from the Item Shop in the bundle with the Venturion Outfit. It means that you can get it when you purchase the Venturion skin before.

Well, this Venturion Cape presents an inviting and catchy thing even if you look at it in different skin. The Venturion Cape looks so adorable with a combination of golden, grey and dark grey color with “V” letter shape. Moreover, the Venturion Cape comes in the form of an epic-style robe.

Due to being worthy of combos with other skins, of course, many players are trying to combine any skins with this Venturion Cape back bling.

Fortnite Skins with Venturion Cape Combos

Ark skin with Venturion Cape

The first Venturion Cape combo is applied on Ark skin. Of course, it is so inviting and an enchanting look in which a white-haired female angel skin really fantastic when combined with Venturion Cape back bling.

Ultima Knight Skin with Venturion Cape

Make the anti-mainstream skin by applying the Venturion Cape on your avatar. The Ultima Knight really looks adorable when applied to the Venturion Cape on his back. However, this legendary outfit is getting a more awesome and gorgeous look with this Venturion Cape.

Velocity Skin with Venturion Cape

The next combination is Velocity skin which comes with a female look included as a Legendary Fortnite outfit. This skin will look more amazing with Venturion Cape at all. As you can see in the picture above, the Velocity skin comes with golden and brown color, so it is so matching with golden Venturion Cape.

Zenith Skin with Venturion Cape

Reach your level elevation to peak with this skin combo. Of course, the Zenith skin comes with a more extreme and vicious look when applied with Venturion Cape. How amazing the skin looks!

Daring Duelist Skin

You may wonder to look at the combination between Daring Duelist skin with Venturion Cape. As the part of the Scallywags collection in Fortnite, of course, this skin is really good to combine with Venturion Cape. The result of this skin combo can be seen in the picture above.

Well, those are the Venturion Cape Combos that you can apply on any skins in Fortnite.

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