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Make your avatar with the gorgeous skin in Fortnite. Indeed, skin automatically will change your avatar look if you use another skin in Fortnite. As we know that there are tons of skins that you can get in Fortnite. However, the Fortnite skin comes with a female and male look. So, you can choose the great one based on the genre as you want.

Female and male skins in Fortnite totally have each attractive side. So, we will not recommend you to choose one genre, either female or male skin. It is because each genre makes your avatar get a more enchanting and inviting look.

In this chance, we have one of interesting and awesome skin that you can get in Fortnite. The skin is called Ventura which comes with girl visuals. Ventura skin is a part of the Ventura set which is a version of Venturion skin.

Venturion skin comes with male visual which features a silver-skin tight spandex with gold patterns and linings in his costume.

Then, the Ventura is a female version of Venturion skin that will totally attract many players to get this skin.

Ventura is an Epic Fortnite skin from Ventura set which appears during Season 4 in Fortnite Battle Royale. This skin presents an inviting and awesome female skin in Fortnite. She did not originally come with a back bling but finally she would have one added later.

If you see this skin, of course, this skin is very similar in style to some of the superhero type costumes which were the battle pass theme.

Then, are you interested to buy this Ventura skin for your avatar? Certainly, you can get it by purchasing the skin from Item Shop using your 1,500 V-Bucks.

The Facts of Venturion Fortnite Girl Skin

But, you may need some facts about the Ventura skin that we can show below!

  • The Ventura skin was released on June 08, 2018.
  • The Ventura skin was last seen on July 06, 2020.
  • The skin was an Epic-Rarity Fortnite outfit.
  • The skin was a type of Fortnite outfit.
  • This skin is now available in Fortnite Item Shop.
  • The Ventura skin comes with a female look.

The Ventura skin comes with a superhero-themed skin which features a silver skin-suit with golden patterns and linings. She also has a bold letter “V” in his chest. Which makes this skin so adorable is in the additional features in which she is completed by shoulder pads, silver bracers and a gorgeous helmet with goggles.

When you purchase this skin, you automatically will get the skin with her back bling called Ventura Cape.

Of course, if you really desire to make your avatar more attractive and inviting look in Fortnite, certainly we recommend you to buy this skin soon. Due to the Ventura included as a rare skin, it surely will suddenly disappear from Item Shop. It means that the skin is not available when it’s not in its rotation.

Well, grab this Ventura skin immediately when it comes to Item Shop if you don’t want to miss it.

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