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The Fortnite challenge for week 8 season 9 have arrived and it can be a little hard to figure out. One of the challenges this week is sending players to visit three different clocks around the Fortnite map. Once you know where you are going and what you are looking for, the challenge is not that hard to complete.

Basically, this challenge is asking you to visit each of the giant clocks of the map, meaning heading to the first clock tower in Neo Titled, the second broken down scrap heap in Junk Junction, and the third clock tower in the center of Happy Hamlet.

All of them are not close together, that makes getting them all in one match pretty difficult. For those who start at the furthest south clock (the one in Happy Hamlet), you are able to run north and use the floating sky platform to jump toward Neo Titled. From that place, you are able to take the slipstream north to the next sky platform and once again use that in order to jump and glide toward Junk Junction. While there is a possibility to get these in just one game, it is probably a little easier just to land at each one and complete them over three matches.

The clock in Neo Titled is easy to find. This one is the tall building near the south side of the city. You will have to get near the roof to complete the challenge, that means either landing on the top of the tower or doing a little bit of building. For the clock in the Junk Junction, you will just have to get to the broken clock face that is sitting near the southeast end of Junk Junction. The clock in the Happy Hamlet is the simplest of all. You just need to land on the top of the tower or build your way to the top of the building at the center of one of the quietest towns of Fortnite, and you will be able to check the clock off your list.

For your information, one of the visit different clocks Fortnite is not working. It is the one in Happy Hamlet. The clock seems to be glitched for some reason and it will not count for the challenge. As the team of Fortnite is on vacation, it might take a bit of time to fix the issue.

There is another one. At the first time around, players did not see this but when the Happy Hamlet clock was glitched, they saw someone on Twitter mentioning a third. There is the final clock located at Sunny Steps. This one is sundial so you may have missed it.

Please visit all the three clocks mentioned above and you will have completed your challenge. For further information of why a clock in Happy Hamlet is not working, it is better for you to join the community of Fortnite and discuss with the members about this thing.

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