What Are Ghost Drop Boxes in Fortnite

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Fortnite Season 2 Week 4 just recently launched the second TNTina of Trial Challenges. It means players haven a new faction loyalty mission to complete. Before anything, you need to know the Ghost drop boxes in Fortnite. What are Ghost drop boxes in Fortnite?

After reaching Battle Pass tier 22 and completing at least 18 TNTina of Trial challenges, the players of Fortnite will have the option to destroy two Ghost or Shadow Dropboxes in order to unlock a special light or dark skin variant of TNTina. Please destroy Shadow boxes if you want to get a white design or destroy Ghost Dropboxes to earn a darker flavor. This one is a Shadow Dropbox. As for the Ghost ones, they are the same but white. All that you need to do is to destroy two of the Ghost or Shadow Dropboxes with an explosive weapon while using the TNTina skin in order to get the unlock.

Now that you know how the Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes and Fortnite Shadow Dropboxes look alike, here are three Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes location that you are able to use. The first one is in Holly Hedges. This one is located across from a car that looks like a taxi. The second one is in southwest Pleasant Park encircled by a small picket fence near a bus stop. The third one is in northeast Pleasant Park. This one is near a car next to a stop sign.

If the white of TNTina is more your style, here are three Fortnite Shadow Dropboxes locations that you are able to destroy. The first one is on the western edge of Salty Springs. This one is near a big blue house. The second one is in northeast Holly Hedges. It is an an open area with a crosswalk and some benches. The third one is in western Sweaty Sans in an open parking lot.

There may be more locations of Fortnite Ghost or Shadow Dropboxes than the ones listed above, but this page should give you more than enough to complete this challenge done quickly and easily. Some people prefer to use either a rocket launcher or a remote explosive to get this done. Some others like Ghost quite a bit.

Which one do you like more? If you also prefer this one, please destroy two and you get the skin but do not forget that this choice is permanent. Once you select either Ghost or Shadow it is a done deal.

If you are still confused and do not know what to do, you can look for what people choose. If you have any question about Fortnite Ghost Drop Boxes , do not hesitate to visit the community of Fortnite and interact with the members of the community about the thing that you want to know. In addition, it is better for you to visit the official website of Fortnite regularly to get the latest update about the popular game called Fortnite.

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