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DPI is the name of a measurement of your mouse speed. It is one of the factors in determining your Fortnite sensitivity. Some people claim they are able to track accurately with up to 12,000 DPI. Is higher better? What DPI do pro players use for Fortnite?

Based on the analysis of hundreds of Fortnite pro players by kr4m.com, they discovered roughly 80% use a mouse DPI of exactly 400 or 800. Here is the details of the DPI used by pro players of Fortnite:

  • Ninja: 800
  • Myth: 1300
  • shroud: 400
  • dakotaz: 2400
  • Summit1g: 400
  • Dr DisRespect: 400
  • DrLupo: 800
  • Daequan: 600
  • Cdnthe3rd: 400
  • SypherPK: 400
  • KingRichard: 400
  • Svennoss: 810
  • Stormen: 400
  • HighDistortion: 1600
  • LOLiTO FDEZ: 800
  • Grimmmz: 650
  • OpscT: 400
  • Tfue: 400
  • TimTheTatman: 800
  • Hamlinz: 700
  • Nick Eh 30: 2000
  • MartinCreek: 400
  • Cizzorz: 600
  • Gotaga: 400
  • Mongraal: 400
  • Cloak: 400
  • McCreamy: 400
  • Poach: 800
  • Chap: 1600
  • NotVivid: 800

If you look at the list, you will see that less than 100% of Fortnite pro players use a DPI higher than 1600 and no player has a DPI less than 400. Please keep in mind that you have more things than just your DPI to consider when choosing your sensitivity.

DPI is the short for dots per inch. However, there are no dots on your monitor. Actually, DPI is a term that is used in printing and not gaming. The game industry usually measures the mouse speed in CPI (counts per inch). But both DPI and CPI have become used interchangeably because they are a measurement of mouse speed.

Another thing is in terms of pixels per inch. It means a mouse set to 800 DPI will move 800 pixels for every inch it is moved. Different monitors have different sizes and different resolutions, so your DPI is somewhat dependent on your monitor.

Once again, most pro players of Fortnite use a DPI of either 400 or 800. You just have to fine tune your sensitivity using the Fortnite sliders in the settings. However, due to varying and arbitrary sensitivity values in the game, DPI is a poor measurement of your overall sensitivity. It means you are able to have a high DPI and your sensitivity low because of your in game sensitivity. A great way of measuring sensitivity is cm/360 as it can help transfer your sensitivity between different games. Some people believe that the best way to measure the Fortnite sensitivity so it is consistent despite the other variables is eDPI. eDPI stands for effective dots per inch. Basically, it is your true Fortnite sensitivity.

One thing that you need to consider when choosing your DPI is your resolution. For example, if you have a large or high resolution 4K monitor you might consider using 1200-1600 DPI because higher resolution monitors have more pixels, so you may need to use a different DPI. \

In fact, lower resolutions can help to improve your FPS in Fortnite. players today usually use a 1080p monitor with the native (1920-1080) resolution, preferring performance (FPS) over higher resolution.

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