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Do you have a free time and want to take some quizzes related to Fortnite? if the answer to the question is yes, you can go to a site named Playbuzz. There are a lot of types of quiz that you will be able to find. For those who love playing Fortnite, there are two quizzes to decide what Fortnite skin are you.

Quiz 1

  1. How many wins do you have?
  2. None
  3. 1-10
  4. 15-25
  5. 40-2000
  6. Why do you play Fornite?
  7. Better than PUBG
  8. My friends play it
  9. Because of Ninja
  10. Bored
  11. You are in solo squads, everybody is dead, it is 1v1. What do you do?
  12. Play around and act like no one is there
  13. You jump down from a sky base and get a no scope
  14. Peek shots
  15. Build sky base until the circle gets to closed in
  16. Start a stream and hen you end up dying
  17. Who is better?
  18. Ninja
  19. Myth
  20. Monsterdface
  21. Ali-A
  22. Subscribe to Atomic Cross (this one does not affect your score)!

Quiz 2

  1. Choose one of the followings!
  2. Cat
  3. Dog
  4. Zebra
  5. Tiger
  6. Donkey
  7. Blobfish
  8. Choose one of the followings!
  9. Bombs
  10. Sword
  11. Hands
  12. Gun
  13. Axe
  14. Choose one of the followings!
  15. Ammo
  16. Potions
  17. Guns
  18. Wood
  19. Nothing
  20. Pick a color!
  21. Pink
  22. Blue
  23. Green
  24. Yellow
  25. Red
  26. Rainbow
  27. Which do you prefer?
  28. Battle Royal
  29. Both
  30. Save the World
  31. Which one do you prefer?
  32. Solo
  33. Squad
  34. Duo

After picking one answer for each question, you will be able to get the result. For instance, in the Quiz 2, if you pick blomfish, hands, nothing, red, Battle Royale, and solo, you will get Ginger Gunner as your Fortnite skin. For those who are not familiar with Ginger Gunnder, here is the details for you.

Ginger Gunner is the name of the Epic Fortnite skin from the Gingerbread set. This one was released on December 14, 2017 and was last available 88 days ago. It is able to be purchased from the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks when listed.

Ginger Gunner is counted as one of the Epic skins that came along in Christmas of 2017. This skin has a male version called the Merry Marauder. It is the happier version of this skin, you will notice that she has got a smile on her face.

Cosmetic Information:

  • Release Date: 12/14/2017
  • Last Seen: 12/27/2019
  • Days Ago: 88
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Outfit
  • Cost: 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Availability: Shop
  • Categories: Christmas, Female, Holidays, Styles

Feel free to take any Fortnite skin quiz on Playbuzz that you want. You are able to take more than once to get the different answer. It is better for you to share the result so the others can play the same quiz.

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