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There are the Unfused challenges on Fortnite. These challenges are specifically for the Fusion skin. You are able to complete them to unlock two additional styles for the outfit; Fusion T100 and Fusion Vex. Unfused challenges are specifically unlocked by reaching level 100 in your battle pass and unlocking the Fusion skin.


There are four challenges for each style of the Fusion skin. If you complete four for that particular style, so, you are going to unlock it. For your information, XEV is the white version, and VEX is the black version.


  • Complete XEV Objectives (4)

Reward: Fusion Variant (XEV)

  • Complete VEX Objectives (4)

Reward: Fusion Variant (VEX)


These are simple challenges, but the challenges can be a bit difficult if you do not play a whole lot. You will need to get top 5s and 10s in certain modes to complete some of them.

  • XEV: You have to finish top 5 in duos or squads.

You may need to find a friend to carry you to victory. You are able to hope you find someone good by queuing with fill on, but that is going to be random.

  • XEV: You have to carry a teammate out of the storm.

You are able to carry the teammates or enemies on your back. This requires a particular key to be bound, so ensure that is equipped to your binds before attempting this. You are able to jump into a duo game, and have your friend take some fall damage to get downed. Please wait for the storm to come and then carry them out. Ensure that you do this close to where the storm ends.

  • XEV: You have to revive and reboot the teammate.

This is another one where you are able to fly out to a location which is far away from the battle bus path and have your teammate jump off somewhere high. You are able to revive them, and then reboot them on a van.

  • XEV: You have to assist a teammate with eliminations in different matches.

You should be able to do in Team Rumble. It should not require you to have filled on.

  • VEX: You have to destroy opposing player buildings.

Team Rumble will be a great spot for this challenge. There is a lot of enemy builds all over the place in those games.

  • VEX: You have to finish top 10 in Solo.

If you are not the best player, just hide somewhere, wait for the storm and try to avoid contact.

  • VEX: You have to deal a damage.

You need to go into squads, so you have a good chance of finding a knocked opponent. Pick them up on your back and hurl them off somewhere high. If they take fall damage, you are going to complete the challenge.

  • VEX: You have to eliminate an enemy in different matches.

You can do this passively by just playing normally. Grab a quick gun and w-key right at the closest enemy.

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