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Definitely, you do not wonder if on the platform of games will be found the settings. On the Fortnite, there is a setting in which it use Mouse to run the game. In the Fortnite, there is a popular influencer of Fortnite players called Tfue. Many players are curious want to know what mouse Tfue use for game. To get the answer, please keep staying on this page!

If you do not know the Tfue before, absolutely you must know who he is. For veteran Fortnite players, they may be afraid when hear the name. Indeed, Tfue is one of the best competitive player of Fortnite that has the gorgeous and amazing skill of playing the Fortnite. He also has YouTube Channel and also a Streamer. He has played Fortnite at World Cup in New York City and streamed on many online-live competitive matches on Twitch.tv.

By following the competition, Tfue is recognized as the one of the best players in this game currently. On his YouTube Channel, he has with over 10,000,000 subscribers. Besides, he regularly competes in the Fortnite Friday Tournament. So, this is one of the great ways for him to bear as the best player of Fortnite. Certainly, he uses the capable device to support his play on Fortnite. The devices that he uses are absolutely as the best hardware at all. It means that he do not use the common devices to play Fortnite.

This case makes the other players want to know what devices that Tfue uses to play Fortnite so he becomes the best and competitive player continuously. One of devices which make the people so curious is the mouse that he uses. This case makes lots of other players looking for the information for it so that they know the mouse. But some of them do not get the satisfied answer at all. Then, to give you the real information, here, we will inform you about the mouse that Tfue always use to play theĀ  Fortnite. We also get the clue from any sources.

Based on the patchesoft.com, Tfue is currently using theĀ  Air58 – Cherry Blossom Red Gaming Mouse/ Final Mouse. This mouse is the Ninja’s Sponsored branded mouse that Tfue uses. This gaming mouse is available on Amazon.com with the price at $370.00. When Tfue announced that he uses this mouse, shortly after the mouse sold out and unavailable for months. This can be parameter in which Tfue so influences the world of Fortnite.

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The Air58 Cherry Blossom Red Gaming Mouse is described as the perfect esport gaming mouse that really supports to play Fortnite. The weighs is under 58 grams for an amazing lightweight feel. The mouse also is designed in a cool cherry blossom red with a hexagonal design. Besides, the mouse is corded as the important thing for responsive times as wireless mouse. It was built with Infamous Phantomcord in which it can avoid the game from lag.

Now, you can reach the goal by purchasing the mouse as the Tfue do to be the best competitive player.

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