What Rewards Do I Get for Enabling Two Factor Authentication 2FA on My Epic Games Account?

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Surprisingly though! When you enable the 2FA on your Fortnite account, you absolutely will get an amazing reward that will amaze you with it. As a newcomer of Fortnite, you may wonder what the reward will be granted to the players after enabling the 2FA. So, let’s check the reward out!

Enabling the Two-Factor Authentication is such a fun way for every Fortnite players to get the amazing reward from it. Well, whatever the reward that you can get by turning on the 2FA, you’re surely surprised with it. However, getting the free reward by doing any simple action is totally everyone’s needs. Then, what is the reward that you can get from?

The reward for enabling the 2FA is

Once you enabled the 2FA on your Epic Games account, you definitely will get:

For Fortnite Battle Royale: You’ll unlock the Boogie Down Emote.

What Rewards Do I Get for Enabling Two Factor Authentication 2FA on My Epic Games Account

For Save the World mode: You’ll unlock some rewards including:

  •  1 Legendary Troll stash Llama,
  • 50 Armory Slots
  • 10 Backpack Slots

Indeed, those rewards will make the players enthusiastic to disable the 2FA in a hurry. Apart from getting the amazing reward, the 2FA is able to protect the players’ account safety. In other words, the 2FA is more than getting a reward but it’s more valuable in protecting your Fortnite account from unwanted things which may happen someday.

Will the reward automatically be available?

Here, we emphasized that some players may not get the reward yet even though they have enabled the Two Factor Authentication. Then, why does it happen?

In this case, you may know that the rewards may not appear soon because of some issues either internal factor or external factor. Well, if the rewards are not appearing, you can try to restart Fortnite. Generally, the reward fails to be claimed as the Fortnite’s system issue. So better for you to restart the Fortnite app as soon as possible after you enabled the Two Factor Authentication.

Moreover, if you have multiple accounts, ensure that you have turned on the 2FA on the account that you’re using to play Fortnite with it. While, if you’re playing using a console, make sure that your console account has been connected to your Epic Games account.

How fun Boogie Down emote is!

In Fortnite, apart from playing the game, having battle and completing any challenges, there is a funniest thing that you get from Fortnite. Yeah… That’s Fortnite emote. However, doing dance on the sidelines of the game can be a moodbooster for you to get rid of your stress. As your goal in playing games is to drive away your tired and lonely, however, playing Fortnite while doing any emote dance is the greatest way for you.

Well, there is no doubt for you to get the Boogie Down emote by enabling the 2FA first. So, let’s enable the 2FA right now!

Talking about Boogie Down emote, this is an Epic Fortnite emote which was first added to the game in Chapter 1 Season 4. Boogie down emote will be obtained by the players who firstly enable the Two Factor Authentication on their Epic Games account.

Here are the more information for Boogie Down emote

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Emote
  • Availability: Promotion
  • ID: EID_BoogieDown
  • Categories: Dances

On fortnitetracker.com, Boogie Down emote has 20 votes with 93% bought.

More about Save the World reward by enabling the 2FA

The rewards that you can get by enabling the 2FA for Battle Royale and Save the World are totally different. When you get Boogie Down emote on Fortnite Battle Royale mode but it’s different when you’re on Save the World mode. In this mode, you can get an Armory slot, Backpack slots and Legendary Troll stash Llama.

Here’s mode information for those rewards in detail

  • Armory Slot

Armory slots are generally used for schematics, heroes, defenders, and survivors. The players definitely can purchase the Armory slots for gold that you earn in-game. The Armory slots are available in the Item Shop under the Items tab. Then, you currently can purchase 100 under the Event items and 10 under the Weekly items for 25 gold each. In addition, the Armory is a tab which gives the players’ access from the main menu while not on a mission.

  • Backpack slot

The backpack is usually used in a Mission, the Armory and Homebase. Here, the backpack here can be used to hold the items and any resources such as crafted schematics and world resources. The backpack can be upgraded using the Skill POints.

For more information, the maximum backpack size is 210 with standard play which is up to 250 by following some actions:

  1. Enabling the Two Factor Authentication
  2. Ultimate Edition +20 or Owned Limited +10
  3. Logged in during Fortnite’s Pre Launch +10

Moreover, the extra backpack slots which are offered in the Ultimate Editions and Limited of Fortnite can no longer be gotten since those editions of the game will no longer be offered as of v13.20.

  • Legendary Troll stash Llama

This is a type of llama in Fortnite Save the World which costs 800 V-Bucks. It is definitely included as a Legendary item  which can be obtained in multiple ways, one of them is by enabling the 2FA. Well, the players who have bought the llama will obtain a counterpart value in free Troll Stash Llamas. But they should redeem it first in the Loot tab.

Is it possible to send a gift after enabling the 2FA?

The answer is totally YES. You surely have a right to send a gift to your friend after enabling the 2FA. Here’s how to send gift after enabling the 2FA:

  • Firstly, make sure that you’ve enabled the 2FA on your Epic Games account.
  • Here, you have to go to the Fortnite in-game store.
  • Now, you will be presented with two options: “Purchase Items” and “Buy As A Gift”. Because you want to send a gift to your friends, make sure to choose the “Buy As A Gift” option.
  • For example, you want to send a glider to your friends. Then, choose the glider
  • After that, you can select to send it as a gift.
  • In this case, you can select one recipient from your friends list.
  • Finally, you will see the gifting pop-up screen in which you successfully sent a special gift to your friends in Fortnite.

That’s it!

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