What Time is DreamHack Fortnite?

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Are you ready for Dreamhack Fortnite tournament? This year, Dreamhack Fortnite tournament is ready to hit Fortnite players. This tournament is open for everyone which already get in touch with Fortnite, mean for every Fortnite players. So, here when the Dreamhack Fortnite will be held.

What Time is DreamHack Fortnite?

If you’re really interested to participate in this tournament, you surely will look for any information related to the tournament, especially for the time when it’s held. However, the Dreamhack has collaborated with Fortnite to hold an event called Dreamhack Fortnite.

In case you search for the time, of course the time will be different from the previous year. Besides, the time in each region will be different too. So, it’s so important for you to look for the information when the Dreamhack tournament is open in each region.

What Time is DreamHack Fortnite

A few months ago, Epic Games announced that they will be collaborating with Dreamhack for a new tournament this year until January 2021. Then, each Dreamhack tournament is just available in Europe and North America. The good news, the players who win in this tournament will have a chance to get a $250,000 prize pool.

The amount of the prize pool will be divided between three regions: Europe, NA West and NA East. Well, the first Europe tournament has concluded, while NA East players have their heat 1 and 2 on November 12, 2020. This heat will start at 5 PM EST and end at 8 PM ET. Then, the second heat will begin at 9 PM and ends at 12 AM EST.

If you access Epic Games site for Dreamhack online open heats here. You definitely will see the dates/times for the schedule of the Dreamhack tournament. From the registration page, you will see the Dreamhack online open heat starts from November 8, 2020 until November 21, 2020 at 9:00 PM.

For Europe

The Dreamhack tournament has been held on November 7th – 8th, 2020.

  • Heat #1: Saturday, November 7, 14:00-17:00
  • Heat #2: Saturday, November 7, 18:00-21:00
  • Semi-finals: Sunday, November 8, 14:00-17:00
  • Grand finals: Sunday, November 8, 18:00-22:00

For NA East

The Dreamhack tournament will be held on November 12th – 13th, 2020

  • Heat #1:Thursday November 12, 5PM-8PM
  • Heat #2: Thursday, November 12, 9PM-12AM
  • Semi-finals: Friday, November 13, 5PM-8PM
  • Grand finals: Friday, November 13, 9PM-1AM

For NA West

The Dreamhack tournament will be held on November 19th – 20th, 2020.

  • Heat #1: Thursday, November 19, 5PM-8PM
  • Heat #2: Thursday, November 19, 9PM-12AM
  • Semi-finals: Friday, November 20, 5PM-8PM
  • Grand finals: Friday, November 20, 9PM-1AM

Here’s for the schedule:

Day Date and Time
Open qualifier #1 November 7, 14:00 CET
Open qualifier #2 November 7, 18:00 CET
Semifinal November 8, 14:00 CET
Final November 8, 18:00 CET

The Dreamhack tournament is divided into 3 stages, they are:

Stage 1

  • Heat One – Open Sign Up

The first heat is to gain the qualifying points by playing up to 10 matches.

  • Heat Two – Open Sign Up

The second heat is to gain the qualifying points by playing up to 10 matches.

Stage 2

  • Semi Finals – 500 Duos

This stage is to gain the qualifying points by playing up to 10 matches.

Stage 3

  • Grand Final – 5 Duos and 6 Games

This stage is final which give the winner for $250,000 prize pool (Total prize pool split between the regions)

Everything’s for Dreamhack Tournament

The Dreamhack tournaments are hosting open participation Fortnite competitions for the Europe and North America servers from now through to January 2021. Every Fortnite fans throughout Europe and North America can participate in this tournament. Well, the competitions are pretty online and not invite based. Here, you can expect a live broadcast on Twitch.

The Dreamhack is a Duos tournament with an age limit of 13 years. Everyone who wants to participate in this tournament should confirm your participation through a sign up form. After you have signed up, you surely have to see a confirmation label registered in your Epic Games account.

The Dreamhack tournament will be played online which there will be only a few stages in it. Here for all stages in Dreamhack tournament:

Open Qualifier

  • Each team is able to play up to ten games in three hours
  • Two opportunities for the players: two qualifiers in one day
  • 250 best duos will go ahead to the semi-finals from each qualification

Semifinal Stage

  • Each team is able to play up to ten games in three hours
  • This semifinal will be held on November 8th for Europe region
  • The top 50 duos will go ahead to the Grand Final

Grand Final

  • The 6 schedule matches
  • The grand final will be held on November 8th, 2020 for Europe

Well, the Europe Dreamhack tournament was over, then the European Winner of the tournament will earn a part of the prize in the amount of $16,000

Scoring point system for the Dreamhack tournament

REACH TOP 2: +3 REACH TOP 12: +2 REACH TOP 22: +1
REACH TOP 3: +3 REACH TOP 13: +2 REACH TOP 23: +1
REACH TOP 4: +3 REACH TOP 14: +2 REACH TOP 24: +1
REACH TOP 5: +3 REACH TOP 15: +2 REACH TOP 25: +2
REACH TOP 7: +2 REACH TOP 17: +2  
REACH TOP 8: +2 REACH TOP 18: +2  
REACH TOP 9: +2 REACH TOP 19: +2  
REACH TOP 10: +2 REACH TOP 20: +2  

 How to participate in the Dreamhack tournament?

If you really want to participate in the Dreamhack tournament at least you have to sign up on the official site of Dreamhack that you can access at https://dreamhack.com/fortnite/. Here, you need to fill your personal information and make sure to choose your region. Once you fill all the information, you need to confirm your registration on Dreamhack. Next, you will get the link to continue registration on Epic Games site at here.  After you are on the site, you can continue to follow the next step until you can start to face the tournament.

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